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  1. okk.... how much power do u prefer on both amp and woofer????
  2. ok..i think i can manage that much... so which 1 of them shud have more power (watts), a sub or an amp???
  3. yaa...well i can add a little more..
  4. 100 watts!!! isnt that a bit low??? like i said, i can spend 6000 or more if necessary... iv got sony xplod HU and speakers....
  5. well i dont have that much knowledge about this....i own a santro xing and i often listen to rap music.. so wat all options do i have???? help me out on this!!!
  6. Alpine dealer in Delhi?

    theres 1 in south ex near mahindra showroom..
  7. so which company should i go for with a budget of 6k or more???????
  8. i really like to know which one, a subwoofer or a basstube is better interms of bass quality, life, power,etc.. which company do u preffer?????