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  1. The worst cars you can buy in India

    This is turning out to be a Political Terms Explained thread. Anyway, for me the Ambassador would have to be the worst car ever. Followed by the Fiat 118.
  2. ALL HAIL THE RD350!!

    @ Zavo Hahahaha..... Ooops. Ill PM you the hahaha.
  3. Our Festivals

    Has anybody noticed that the general hooliganism centering around festivals is increasing by the year? Just recently with the Janmashtami festival happening, I was out with my family wanting to enjoy a quiet meal, when we got stuck in the highway for half an hour without a clue as to why. Turns out, there was some dahi-handi erected right in the middle of the HIGHWAY! What DO you say to that?
  4. ALL HAIL THE RD350!!

    Oh we shall. Do try and get the best bargain for your vehicles. You might get wholesale rates for both. Toodle-oo!
  5. ALL HAIL THE RD350!!

    Yeah it just might. But theres a long time for me to reach the driving school in the sky. Your bike and your car will be sold for a tuppence by the time. Maybe I could drive you around then. I really think we should stop hijacking this thread before the moderators come at us with whistles and arrest warrants.
  6. Chevy Spark

    Could someone tell me what the price of the Chevrolet Spark is??? And its pros / cons?
  7. ALL HAIL THE RD350!!

    @ Zavo, Oh itll go along fine. Not doing anything much with it right now. The last time I went driving, I almost killed a few creatures under my car. Lol...One of my friends actually drove over two butterflies and a crow on his way to work. Can be depressing, cant it? It can spoil your entire mood for a good drive.
  8. ALL HAIL THE RD350!!

    Hmm....I just might do that. When its up, Ill tell you. Filhaal, theres no need to get prickly. If a bikes old, its old. Whats wrong with that?
  9. ALL HAIL THE RD350!!

    Well, I will post the list, but not here. Wouldnt like to see you weep in public.
  10. ALL HAIL THE RD350!!

    * peeks out of cover looking for Zavo * Oh so you wont hit me WHATEVER I say? Fine. Let me take a close look at the picture of your bike and make a BIG list of what I really think of it. Im sure half of them might even agree with me. * goes back to hideout *
  11. ALL HAIL THE RD350!!

    @ Zavo, I actually do need a job, but Im willing to give you one. So what if your bikes really old? *runs for cover*
  12. ALL HAIL THE RD350!!

    Arey Zavo youve used the bike enough. Sell it now. Or I hire you chief chauffeur.
  13. I'm back with news to report!

    McLaren BANNED! Amen.
  14. Hi

    @ Zander Get out of the way! I want that car!
  15. Suggestions For The Forum

    Oh yeah. I have a real suggestion this time. The place where the latest topics keep scrolling needs to be looked into. Everytime you try clicking on a topic, it runs up faster as if being clicked on is the last thing it wants. Then you have to wait till the whole cycles over and CAREFULLY click. Its a bit on the annoying side, if you know what I mean.