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Found 8 results

  1. Maruti Suzuki has teased an all new compact car design language in the form of the Concept Future S and will showcase it at the upcoming 2018 Auto Expo. The company has planned to introduce yet another compact SUV that would position below Vitara Brezza. Currently, the Mahindra KUV100 is the only subcompact car that comes within this segment and with this new entry level compact car, Maruti Suzuki is planning to foray the segment. Source: Maruti Suzuki teases FutureS Concept for 2018 Auto Expo
  2. Hi All, Please let me know the official launch date of Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire 2017 in India. Thanks & Regards, Kaustuv
  3. Hi Friends! Although I like and own a Swift for its perfect value for money appeal, I do have a question to ask all my fellow mates. This is regarding the new shape Swift and the dents commonly seen on its boot. It so happened that I tried to close the boot of my Swift a couple of days back and incidentally ended up denting the boot sheet metal; the portion of boot above the rear number plate. On closer inspection, I realised that the same is constructed of very thin sheet metal which can easily get dented by simple pressing by bare hands. Since then, I started observing all new shape Swifts on the roads and their boots and found out that quite a few of them had a dent at the same spot. Maybe their owners committed the same mistake that I did. I just saw a straight out of the showroom condition Swift with a similar dent yesterday as well. I am also sure that Maruti service stations must be getting a lot of cars with similarly dented boots. If that is the case, is Maruti proactively taking steps to get rid of the problem by maybe installing an internal reinforcement or by using heavy duty sheet metal. Please share in case you've had a similar experience with a Swift's bootlid. Also, is there anything that can be done to prevent the incident from reoccurring? Are there any materials available in the market which can be glued/ welded to the sheet metal to provide added strength? Thanks!
  4. Hello Mates! I had been planning to buy a diesel hatch as a replacement for my Santro Xing which although, is 7yrs old now but has never troubled me ever. It was this trouble free nature of this lady that I decided to retain it and also go in for a diesel hatch anyways. Easier said than done, I realized selecting the right car can be a real pain with so many options available in the market. I also did not want to spend anything over 7 lacs (on-road) for a hatch and wanted the best bang for buck. The car would only be used for our neighbourhood runs to carry errands. After careful deliberation, I zeroed in on the Swift VDi. Have booked it through DD Motors, Delhi and the experience has been pretty good till now with no reasons to complain whatsoever. Pearl Metallic Arctic White was the color of choice for the simple reason that its really easy to maintain. The dealership has specified a delivery within 15 working days which came as a big surprise as I thought there would be a huge waiting period on the Swift Diesel. I have only paid the booking amount of 20k till now and would be paying the rest while taking delivery of the car. I also plan to add certain accessories with the most important one being the entertainment system. The total planned expenditure on the same is around 40k all inclusive. Have been thinking of getting either of the Sony XAV 701BT/ 601BT head units but anything better within the price range would be welcome. Plan to add a 4 channel and a mono sub sometime in future. Would post in the pics of the Newbie soon…
  5. Alto, the once highest selling car in the Indian market, has scored a horrible 0 out of 5 in a recent LATAM NCAP ratings. The car was rendered totally unsafe in the event of a collision with a very unstable chassis and the A-Pillar, front door, B-Pillar, roof and floor pan buckling under the crash forces. It is high time that our government also establishes such testing procedures and minimum safety benchmarks as we have one of the highest motor accident fatality rate in the world.
  6. In India the Grand Vitara has not been as successful as its stablemates. Primarily due to its thirsty petrol engine. At a time when diesel rules in the SUV segment customers see no point in going for a petrol engined SUV- that factor has led to the downfall of the Vitara. But for all you Vitara fans out there, there is light at the end of the tunnel in form of the new face-lifted Vitara which has just made its debut in the UK markets. The reason behind posting this thread is the Vitara will no more be powered with a guzzling petrol engine but with a diesel. Yes, with the 1.9-litre DDiS 127bhp diesel engine, the Vitara has another chance to have a second life in the still diesel centric market. This diesel is smooth and also has bags of torque to go with it. Plus needless to say the efficiency will be much better than the current petrol unit. Though it is not just about the diesel engine but the styling tweaks that have made the Vitara a more attractive package. At the front of the car the bumper and grille have been re-styled with a more angular design and the foglamp styling has been revised. Additional changes include inner headlight black accents on 5 door SZ5 models, and new design 17” or 18” alloy wheels. As the spare wheel is mounted on the rear door the Grand Vitara grows in length by 200mm. This feature particularly adds some muscle to the design. The diesel has also been honered for better performance and economy. The question is, "Will india see the Vitara's comeback?" Yes, in the future we can expect! Though whether it will have the diesel is still uncertain but Maruti being experts at the Indian auto-market will know that a diesel is important if the Vitara wants another shot at the Indian SUV segment. I certainly think this has a lot of potential in India. I mean here is a diesel SUV that looks nice & has a diesel and will have the biggest service and sales set-up to back it, don’t bet against it! (Source:
  7. Many Maruti Swift customers had been complaining about the car’s brakes lacking bite while ambling around at slow speeds, especially in half clutch position.The problem had been brought to Maruti Suzuki’s notice few months back, but India’s largest carmaker stayed indifferent to the issue. The brake pedal reportedly becomes hard and ineffective while on half clutch position and the issue is more accentuated in first and reverse gears, when the speed of the vehicle is very slow. The possible explanation for this issue is, the engine RPM apparently drops below idling during half clutch operation and due to this, the load on the engine increases and the brake booster doesn’t get enough vacuum to work effectively. Repeated complaints from Swift customers regarding this issue started pouring in and MSIL wrote in their official Facebook page last month, that the car is not designed to be driven in half clutch condition and whoever experiences the problem must change their driving style, It seems that they'd forgotton about 1991's New FDI policies! However, Maruti Suzuki has silently started calling in the customers who are known to have this problem in order to fix it. It seems there is a minor correction to be made in the ECU software, which will prevent the engine from dropping below the idling RPM and the Swifts which received this correction seem to have no problems with the slow speed braking; but I think that this will creat a new problem & Car's will turn-off & Idle in stop-start traffic! Maruti is not recalling all the cars, may be to avoid any legal issues & Save their "BRAND IMAGE". I don't think that recalling a car affects manufacturer's image, but it strenthen it by showing that, "we do care our customers!" Also re-programming the ECU might require MSIL to obtain ARAI certification again. Hence, only the customers who reported this problem are being called for the ECU correction. If you experience a similar problem with your new gen Swift, you can contact your nearest authorized Maruti service station and get the problem fixed as MSIL had made all its dealers aware of the situation. Share your views on it!
  8. Though It's extremely wll-build & has top-notch quality, many of us even don't remember it! YES; I'm talikng about the Kizashi! It was launched last year because the largest automaker in India suddenly developed ambitions to succeed in the premium car market. The Suzuki Kizashi a.k.a Maruti Suzuki’s failed attempt to enter the premium car market is down in the dumps. To give it one final push, Maruti Suzuki is offering a whopping 3 lakh rupee discount on the Kizashi to lure the buyers during festive season. However, not learning from its previous mistakes, Maruti Suzuki decided to fully import the Kizashi thus sky rocketing the price tag. An import duty of over 100% meant the price tag was literally double the actual price.At a price of 17.12 lakhs, there were hardly any buyer for a car that is powered by a 2.4L petrol engine. The Kizashi saw a stupendous 85 per cent drop in sales in the April-August period where the sales stood at just 23 units. Last year, during the same period, Maruti Suzuki sold close to 157 units. Now, Maruti Suzuki wants to test the success by reducing the price of the Kizashi. The automaker also expressed its intention of making way for a local assembly if the price-reduction tactic works well. Don’t expect any major shakedown in Kizashi’s number because of the price reduction. Even at a price of 14 lakhs (after discounting the 3 lakhs), the Kizashi is very much overpriced. The 2.4L petrol engine put a drain hole on your wallet and as for the brand image, there’s isn’t much.Exclusivity – well yes! That works in Kizashi’s favor! Share your views on it!