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Found 1 result

  1. buying a renault duster

    this is my father's experience for the past 4 years of owning a Renault Duster. on 11-06-2012, my father Anil J Edaicode booked a renault duster RxL, which got delivered on 25-10-2012. that was the beginning of our rather chaotic experience with RENAULT. it was fine in the beginning but after just 1418 km, while on a trip from trivandrum to malappuram the left drive shaft broke, which they replaced, admitting their poor build quality. then on 28-12-2012, we took the car for the first free service. the employee at renault dealership trivandrum drove our car to the service station which is located at a different place, collided with another vehicle in front of him on the highway. then soon another vehicle struck from behind our car again forcing our car to hit the first car once again, total 3 collisions. since the car is a monocoque construction chassis, the impact of the three collisions from front and back, the structural integrity of the vehicle will not be the same, we demanded a new vehicle. they refused to do so. we filed a case against renault dealership Trivandrum on 26-01-2013. the opposite party accepted the notice, but till date they have not cared to redress the grievances of my father. oh, by the way i forgot to mention that the retail price of the car the time we purchased was Rs 899000. the loan amount Rs 578375. advance for booking was Rs 50000. then Renault dealer asked us to pay Rs 312500, which we did. later while filing the case we noticed that there was a difference of Rs 41875 which they overcharged us . after filing the complaint(cc No 79/2013) , over the period of the last 4 years the opposite parties have come up with false and untenable contentions. we paid the full loan amount, but there is no car. my father is 72 years old, he has no prior knowledge about social network or to operate a computer. but as his son, it is hard for me to see the stress and pain and humiliation my father is facing just for the mistake of trusting Renault and purchasing their product. i am requesting my dear friends in autocar india to bring this issue to the public and show how Renault and their dealers are denying customers their rights. NB: i'm a little desperate, i don't have any idea whether there is any formality or other guidelines that i should follow. if there is, it was not my intention to disrespect or offend this community. kindly forgive