Maruti working on Swift replacement

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Maruti has started working on a replacement for its popular hatchback the Swift. While the Swift is expected to get a facelift in 2014, the all new model is set to be launched in 2017. At the same time the Ritz will also get a facelift in 2015.

Maruti is also working on an all new premium hatchback codenamed the YRA and could be positioned between the Swift and Ritz or even above the Swift. It could also get a diesel motor and sources say development is in advanced stages in Japan and India.

Looks like Maruti is feeling the heat from the other manufacturers for sure. This new hatch could be interesting.

Link to full article here

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on innovation Parameters Maruti is now loosing the ground..

this decisons has been taken due to tight competition in the market (hatchback seg is now moving slighlty towards the compact SUV) with approx 5 new launched into compact suv segment there will be no space for high priced hatchback's.

customers in India now love features, comfort & style along with economy in fuel.

hope maruti will check out its strategies in future..

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