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Spied: Safari storme caught testing!

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two mules have been spied at a few meter distances from each other. One of the mule was running on bigger alloy wheels from Aria but that was about it! In another development, we have managed to snap another test mule of Safari Storme passing by near Tata’s Pune plant.



If you carefully analyse, Tata has gradually been pushing Storme up the ladder over Aria (or the vice-versa!). Now there could be a possibility that Tata may be testing the following:

1.A regular Safari Storme endurance test vehicle

2.Safari Storme with more features possibly for an upgraded version that is expected to get launched soon (Earlier report here)

3.Storme Automatic!

Possibilities of this being a regular endurance test car are low since it makes not much of a sense testing exactly the same car in exact same specifications for a year after its launch. There were reports that Tata is preparing a more loaded Safari Storme a few months back and there is almost a certainty that Automatic Safari Storme is coming to our shores soon, along with Aria.

Which one is this mule, we can not really claim anything. But one thing is for sure, there is a lot that is cooking at Tata’s stables and Storme needs a lot of ammo to slug it out against the more contemporary rivals in the market.

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Check out this rendering showing what the next-generation Tata Safari Storme could look like if it was developed using the same Impact 2.0 design language as the new Harrier.

What do you think of it?





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