New car Petrol or Diesel?

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I have been using Esteem since 2006 and still going fine with it, and i'm now planning for my second car, however considering the prices of fuel in Ahmedabad (petrol 72 and diesel 65) am quite confused as to which fuel varient to go for. Currently my esteem is CNG converted and my monthly comute is about 1600 kms.

I am looking for a car low on maintenance and good on mileage. I want to go for a car that's priced below 10 lacs. My options as of now are duster, ecosport, honda city (petrol+cng or diesel), amaze, ciaz, nissan sunny, chevy sail and so on. Basically i like SUv's or sedans. I have a family of 4 and a child.

My question is should i opt for a petrol+cng varient or a diesel car or pure petrol version?

Appreciate your help


Himanshu V

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

Most of the cars you mentioned dont come below 10 lakhs. Under 10 lakhs your choices would be the Dzire, Amaze, Xcent and the Etios diesels.

The Sunny diesel is insanely fuel efficient and a very reliable car with oodles of space. Service is a concern and Im not sure if it has improved yet. Else you could go with the trusty Dzire.

The Xcent is the new kid on the block and comes with good features but the diesel might feel a bit underpowered.

I would suggest you look at the cars I mentioned above. If you can stretch your budgt the compact SUVs come into the picture.

Hope that helps :)

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If you're an Enthusiastic driver and looking for a power-packed car, The Nissan Sunny and Skoda Rapid should be the ones to check out. And if you don't have any trouble with performance, go ahead for the X-Cent or Amaze.

SUV won't come in that price range, but if you can increase your Budget a bit then there is a whole lot of cars from Sedans to SUVs to choose from.

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