End of the road for the Santro and Spark

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There is an article in a hindi news daily , Nav Bharat Times essentially saying that both Santro and Spark are to be shelved

It goes on to say that the last batch of Santros will be rolled out of production lines early November and then they will call it quits.

Spark is due to be rested as well.

It remains to be seen how authentic this news item is.


Navbharat Times - (Economic Times Section)

Delhi Edition

Earlier, Maruti also shelved its 800

What will be the new product

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Heard about Spark being discontinued, so this is definitely on.

Not so sure about Santro. If true, then it's sad news but I guess this has to happen sometime.

Even after 16 yrs, Santro has been selling in decent numbers (3-4k), which even some modern hatchbacks still are not able to manage. A great city car.

As for Santro's replacement, I think Hyundai already has Eon in that segment (they recently introduced 1L engine in Eon too). So they will probably tweak it a bit more and re-price it more competitively.

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Well, it's been going on since some days or months maybe. I don't really have much to say about the Spark but the Santro has been one of the best cars produced in India in the last decade.

But well lets see if it's true or not ...

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