Tata Sierra - Should Tata Motors revive this Brand ?

Should Tata re-introduce Sierra ?   

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  1. 1. Should Tata re-introduce Sierra ?

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Tata introduced SIERRA when Indian Compact SUV buyers were not mature enough and the Compact SUV term was something "ALIEN" to the industry as a whole.

Tata Sierra was introduced as a lifestyle vehicle with Tag Line "It Takes the Rough with the Smooth" the TVC which was also quite impressive.

Tata Sierra had all the right elements that a Compact SUV Buyer is looking for such as comfortable sitting capacity for 5, enough luggage space , unique design, compact dimensions, off-road capabilities , powerful engine etc...

The main let down of Tata Sierra was not having openable window for the back seat which was suffocating for some.

If Tata retain basic design and elements of original Sierra with some practical changes it can find takers .

Sierra was a cult vehicle and had an attitude. The brand "Sierra" is still remembered and loved by the SUV lovers.

Can Tata reintroduce Sierra Brand based on ARYA / Safari / SUMO Grand Platform ? Will it get success in this already crowded Compact SUV segment ?

Whats your take ?

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Even though it brings back memories I will not want it back.

I and my friends have done long trips in this in my school going days.

The vehicle used to topple a lot, that is with my friend driving , twice I was involved in such crashes and my friend toppled even more times.

It became a joke of sorts within our gang , whenever his father used to call us , the first thing we would ask uncle where did it topple this time.

The other thing was we felt trapped in the back seats though space was generous.It was like a moving cage.

Also without a working Aircon , we at the back were often drenched in our own sweat ! I dont know how we lived to tell the tale.

Also its maintenance was enormous when compared to cars of that era, finding replacement side glass panels was also a pain, we broke them everytime we toppled.

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This is an SUV that can act as a game changer Tata. Of course it shall have to be fine tuned to meet the present day competition, but it shall be able to capture a good market.

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I also feel Tata should introduce their "Compact SUV" by re-launching "Sierra" brand.

It is observed that Indian companies don't make brand stronger but introduce new product with new brand name whereas companies like VW, Toyota , Honda etc... make their brand stronger by introducing new models in the same brand names such as POLO , CORROLA , CITY etc.....

Though Tata is trying hard to maintain "Safari" brand it fails to make impact due to image of Tata as well as some niggles and problems in their previous models when launched.

Sierra in particular had a strong presence and still the basic overall design is attractive and unique.

May be TATA Motors must have sacked the team of engineers who developed "Sierra" or the entire team must have left company who must have developed "Sierra" otherwise we could have seen unique / innovative product like "Sierra" much before from Tata Motors.

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