Hyundai Creta Or Honda WRV?

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I am planning to buy a new car, please suggest me from this two car, Hyundai Creta 1.4 Diesel or Honda WRV Diesel? Which car is better option comparing mileage , luggage space, most important Comfort level etc. Please suggest me 

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In my opinion, Creta and WRV are 2 cars you cannot compare. They belong to different segment - WRV in Sub 4m SUV/Crossover, Creta in Compact SUV/Crossover.

It narrows down to your priority - A fully featured car (WRV/Brezza) or a base variant car (Creta). 

Rest aside, Suzuki Brezza seems a better buy that WRV as it has more features, SUV stance, Maruti Brand Value. WRV is a no nonsense Honda but Honda diesels are known to have very high NVH levels which annoy premium car feel. Talking about premium, Creta shouts premium in every way - Cabin, Quality, Finish and of course price tag. 

If you have a budget of approx 12L for diesel, Brezza makes sense. If you want Creta, go for 1.6L Diesel - punchy torquey performance and you will have to stretch upto 15L. 

Based on your parameters - 

Mileage - WRV/Brezza (Because smaller engines and a segment lower so lighter car)

Luggage Space - Creta (Bigger car of higher segment)

Comfort Level - Creta (Big on space)

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