Nissan Terrano Catches Fire

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Hi Friends,


This is regarding my car Nissan Terrano (registration no- RJ14AC9995) which I had bought around 15-16 months back. The car caught fire on 7th Feb 2017 and had been sent Nissan's authorised workshop royal automotors pvt ltd. Japur in the evening the same day. The car had only covered around 25000 kms in 15-16 months.


Here's the entire backstory

The car was being driven from Jodhpur to Jaipur. Around Kishangarh, a street dog bumped in to car. I stepped out to check up on the issue and was shocked to see heavy fumes rising from under the hood. This all happend within 2 minutes. With the help of locals, I did manage to break the hood and poured water to cool down the fire. But till then the engine and other components had completely been damaged. I was lucky that I stepped out of the car in time otherwise the doors would have got locked.


Naturally, a crane was called to tow away the car towards the service centre of the dealer Royal Automotors Pvt Ltd, Jaipur. The estimate we got for repairs equalled to around 15lac on a car that cost me 10.5lac (still wondering how). Now the guys at Future Generali are quite reluctant to accept the fact that a dog bump can cause such a damage to any car. They are blaming Nissan for faulty manufacturing of the car (Nissan Assured?). Honestly, I'm wondering the same.


Now the dealer and Nissan India in the technical report to find the root cause for fire says that " They are unable to locate the reason as the car had completely caught fire and the reason is unascertainable and the damages are beyond repair"


Please suggest me some way to resolve all this as I'm not getting any response from NIssan India. They are not even taking the issue seriously on social media like twitter as well.



Chirag Mehta






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This is very unfortunate. Thankfully you stepped out safely. You can contact Autocar to help you in such issues. Also do escalate this on social media as well (FB/twitter)

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