Hi there!!! Just got signed up in the Autocar forum

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I'm Arjun from Kerala, a Mechanical Engineering student and I believe myself that I'm a car enthusiast. I'm actually noob to a bigger forum or community like this. So, please apologize the mistakes from me.I promise you that I'll gradually learn and correct my mistakes . I took the wheel for the first time two years ago, when I turned 18. The car was a well maintained 97 HM Ambassador. Shift lever was in floor. So, it was easy to use. Ambassador was my favorite car all the time. I love the gorgeous classy styling of that car. The engine ain't izuzu sorced, but I hope it is BMC engine. A bit noisy and vibrating. Now, I'm driving a M800. A tiny little sports car, a pocket rocket. That's what I call it.  I believe that by joining in this forum, I can learn more about vehicles than learning from engineering syllabuses. Thank you.

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