Snaps at the Lamborghini Showroom

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Last year I had gone to Italy and before going I had planned that I would visit Lamborghini, Ferrari and Maserati. Unfortunately I could not make it to Maserati but did go to the other two.

I was floored by the Lamborghini's and also got to ride in a V12 Murcielago with 640 angry horses screaming behind my back smiley4.gifsmiley4.gif! The drive was out of this world and insane. The experience was sublime and surreal and I could go on!!

Here are some snaps which I took:




Wheel of a Gallardo Superleggra, the discs are the size of a wheel!!


Twin Beauties



More coming soon.

5u3zEr02008-03-18 13:38:38

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I also got to visit a part of the factory which is behind the showroom and also the Lamborghini musuem which had all their cars through the ages and also a few concepts.

The factory tour was also great, seeing all those Lambo's being hand made to perfection in those traditional Lambo colours!

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You are one lucky dude!!

Yes, that I am.

We went upto 270kmph on a 2 lane county road without a median, took nearly 90 degrees turns at around 90kmph and stopped from insanely high speeds in astonishingly short distances.

The acceleration, road grip and braking were just so hard to believe and surreal! I can only think of superlatives to describe the whole experience.

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90 degree turns might also have wide roads

Yes, but not in this case. I have clearly mentioned "2 laned roads without median" and the driver stuck to his lane when taking the turn as there was traffic in the opposite direction!!

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