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Hi guys!

I'm from Gurgaon and travel to Noida everyday for work. About 100-120 kms of driving everyday and I'm looking at buying a new car. I want to go for an automatic.

I think I can go for a Jeep Compass but wanted to know your thoughts on it. Also, the other car on my list is a Creta. Now, I know they are not in the same league and the comparison would be a little off but I'd appreciate comments on what you guys think of the Compass and Creta seperately. If there is any other car that you'd strongly recommend- please do mention that too. Budget is around 15-17L but I'm willing to stretch to 20L for the Jeep.

Looking forward. Thanks.


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Go for the Compass if you have the budget for it.

Problem is with the kind of running you mentioned, it warrants a diesel and Compass is not yet available in diesel AT (should launch early next year).

Even petrol AT will cost upwards of 21 lacs.

Also, I have heard that deliveries of petrol Compass will start around October only, which means there might be additional 10% cess getting levied by that time.

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