BS-VI impact on Diesel Cars (SUV)

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I booked Hyundai Tucson Diesel, and was quite happy about it. But came across this recent news about upcoming BS-VI in April 2018 http://www.financialexpress.com/auto/car-news/bs6-fuel-in-delhi-ncr-by-april-2018-and-what-it-means-for-your-car-two-wheeler-and-pollution/934988/

Based on my research, it seems that current BS-IV diesel engines will get wear tear with BS-VI fuel. I am discouraged now to buy a diesel car, as

  1. I live in Gurgaon
  2. I will get the car possibly in December
  3. Resale value of Diesel SUV might be impacted as well.

What do you suggest about buying a diesel car now? Shall I go ahead and cancel my booking?




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@AbhinavGuptas quote,”Sulphur helps the injectors in a diesel engine, thanks to its chemical lubrication properties. Low sulphur fuels will damage and cause wear to injectors, and with damaged injectors, fuel may flood or not reach the engine with the correct pressure through the injectors. And more unburnt...”, unquote. The article is all nonsense as far as lubrication properties of sulphur is written. Very low or Sulphur free diesel will be a unaccomplished dream in our country with all the adulteration that is happening. You don’t worry about the BSIV or BSVI go ahead and enjoy your ride. 

   FYI: Due to ignition delay of diesel, it requires more time to efficiently burn in the engine, so running the engine at 1500~2000rpm will be perfect and wouldn’t clog the catalytic converter/ turbo blades/EGR valve. Fouling of above items due to inefficient burning(high speeds) will spoil your engine. 

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