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Kerala is a picturesque state located on the tropical South West coast of India. National Geographic‘s traveler magazine named Kerala as ‘one of the 10 paradises in the World’ and also ‘one of the 50 must see destinations of a life time’. It isn’t surprising that Kerala has been selected for these achievements. From vast tea gardens, to mystical backwaters, culture and climate—Kerala has everything! If anyone is planning for a trip, then I’ll suggest Kerala. Kerala is perfect for honeymoon, friendly trip, business trip, group tours or anything. We can visit this charming destination by choosing any tour package to Kerala. Some of the picturesque tourist destinations in Kerala include:


 Munnar is the ‘Queen of Hill stations’. The roaring waterfalls to Endless tea plantations made Munnar a paradise for honeymooners and travelers.


Alleppey is the major backwater destination in Kerala. Houseboat cruises are the main reason why most people rush to Alleppey.

Kochi, Wayanad, Kovalam, Thekkady, Idukki, Kumarakom etc are other major tourist destinations. If anyone has queries regarding Kerala or Kerala tourism please feel free to contact me. I can help you with necessary details.



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@Ann Maria your review on Kerala was short and sweet. I had been to Munnar with my family and we stayed there for 11days. We undertook short trips to nearby tourist spots otherwise we enjoyed our stay at the hills of Munnar.

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Kerala is absolutely a picturesque location and the state is rich in culture, history, tradition and natural beauty, solo travellers from North Indian states prefer Kerala. The place has hundreds of beautiful destinations each place has unique attractions and wonders.If you are planning a trip to Kerala, then You can avail Family packages to Kerala and avail best packages for solo travellers. some of the destinations  to hang out with friends and family include :

Kochi -  "Queen of Arabian Sea"

Kochi is invited with great pleasure and here you can explore with beautiful destinations. Fort Kochi, Marine drive, Shopping malls, wildlife sanctuaries are some of the attractions and it is an ideal place for both families and couples.

Alleppey - "Venice of East"

This is the perfect getaway for newly married couples and families to spend their valuable time through backwater. The houseboat cruise through the stunning backwater offers to catch the stunning views of the Alleppey. 

Varkala Beach -  "Golden sandy beach"

The place is located in Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala. Catch the stunning sunset views from the beach and make a long walk through this beautiful beach.




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Kerala ‘The god’s own country’ is an Indian state in south India on the Malabar Coast. Legend state that Kerala was created by Parashuram (a famous ancient sage). It’s known for its palm-lined beaches, backwaters, a network of canals, and beaches.  Today Kerala is one of the most attractive tourist places in India. Starting from Kasargode to the evergreen city of India there are a huge number of tourist attractions.  Kerala is also one of the richest states in India with forests, plantations of rubber, cashew, and coconuts. It has a particularly rich heritage of dance and drama ( Kathakali, koothu, Mohiniyattam) and people here are among the most industrious and well educated in the country. Kerala is renowned all over the world for its backwaters, natural beauty, health resorts, and beaches. These are the main reasons to increase the flow of foreigners into Kerala. 4161793-spring-scenery.jpg

The beauty of Kerala can mesmerize anyone who visits Kerala. Its tropical forest and the calm backwaters are the ideal exotic spot. Some of the most visited destinations of Kerala are Alleppey, Kochi, Wayanad, Munnar, Kozhikode, Idukki, Kovalam, Kumarakom etc. The traditional and culture that still prevailing in Kerala is another fact the attracts tourists from all around the world. The festivals and temples are what makes Kerala stand out. Kerala is home to temples and palaces that date back to centuries and the architecture of these ancient temples is an extraordinary work of art.  

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