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Gobala Krishnan.R

Hyundai Verna 2008 starting trouble.

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Hi all,

I do use a Hyundai verna 2007 model since last four years, now I get a particular problem the engine has a starting trouble only in the morning time. Like after a whole day travel with smooth drive, the next day if we try to start the engine the ignition is up and immediately putoff in a minute and if we restart the ignition immediately it is again up and switched off in few minutes. to keep the engine on we have to rise the engine to 3000 to 4000 rpm and even then it is switching of in few minutes, with the indicator glowing "check" this happens even if we move the vehicle slowly. After the repeated  effort of more than 15 to 20 time and a drive distance of not less than 2Km  the vehicle comes to normal and it keeps going for as many Kms we drive. Now if we switch off the engine after few Kms the problem does not occur again on the same day, we will have a smooth drive. we can off or on the engine any time that particular day the operations will normal.  But the next day again the same problem either morning or after noon the first start is like this. I had changed the heater plug, clutch plate and checked the complete wiring.

Suggest what might be the issue. Even Hyundai service cant solve the issue. ECM check shows no issue.

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