Rattling Sound from the dashboard of Brand New Jeep Compass

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This is regarding 'Strange Noise' coming from the dashboard of 2V Jeep Compass Limited 4x4 2.0D. I bought Jeep Compass on 30th December 2017  from the registered seller LSC Automobiles Private Limited, Dehradun, India. After driving the vehicle for about a week I noticed some strange "Rattling Noise' coming from the dashboard of the vehicle. 
I visited the Mobar Service Station, Dehradun, India (Registered service station) on  to discuss this issue with the service executives. I was informed by the executives that this problem is common to all the vehicles sold in November-December, 2017 period. They further informed about the "Recall Representation" made to the higher authorities by the service station in this regard.I further enquired about the issue from other fellow compass owners and some them did complained about such noise. The noise is not much but yes it is very much audible and dampens the pleasure of driving a brand new car. 
I just wanted to know that any of my fellow owners here have experienced it not; and if have experienced it what have they done about it.

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In one of the other boards I came across an instance where Jeep replaced the vehicle for the customer for some other issue.

Try and find that article and see if it helps your case.

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