BS6 Complaint Vehicle available in India as of now

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Trying to compile as many instances of news reports that confirm launch of a BS6 complaint vehicle in India heading into 2020

Please feel free to contribute your entries enhancing this list.









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It's good to see manufacturers starting to roll out BS6 compliant vehicles.

However, they will still get registered as BS4 in RTO's until 1-Apr-2020. Also availability of BS6 fuel is an issue out side Delhi-NCR, so owners should watch out for this.


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It's a last push to get rid of the unsold inventory.

There is also a plea in SC to allow sale of BS4 vehicles till June 2020 to facilitate sale of vehicles produced till 31 Mar 2020

With the SC earlier ruling that only BS6 vehicles will be registered post 1 April 2020  , would these vehicles that are BS4 be registered as BS6.

I believe registration of BS6 vehicles as BS4 is foolishness as would be registering BS4 vehicles as BS6

A deliberate attempt to push unsold inventory of BS4 vehicles  and also giving some headroom for sales of products of manufacturer's who have invested a  lot in creating new engines , sadly these engines can't be sold post April 2020 , so a state  of ambiguity has been created by  certain sections with vested interests.

Better to hold off purchases till April 2020 if you are someone who does not want to get fleeced either ways.

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Sixth BS6 offering by the company

The soon to be revealed XL6 could well be number Seven , with a planned DISRUPTIVE reveal just a day before another BS6 offering Kia Seltos.

 Exciting days ahead.


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