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Exotic Cars and Bikes in Mumbai

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Friends, you may have seen that Hummer, M3, Z4, SLR, Ferrari, Lambo, Porsche or Hayabusa, Harley.. etc in your town that you have admired.

I am talking about the exotic imports that you may have seen in your town.. and clicked them some time..

Please post pictures of these on this thread.. let everyone know the amazing variety of vehicles that are in India..

Please refrain from posting pictures of regular Mercs, BMWs and Audis that are readily available in showroom.. do post any specific merc, bmw or audi that differs from standar lot :-)

Happy hunting..

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@ Blue Sapphire, dont multipost in such a short span of time. Please use the EDIT button.


Also, Please Make sure you post pictures of cars YOU have clicked.
CYRUS432008-08-25 10:36:21

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