Apollo Alloys

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Well no one can tell anything about quality front on Apollo as we don't really know how are they built but they are at par with Aura and Neo.

Being from a major tyre player I will be very surprised if the requisite QC is not done. They will not risk their tyre business with poor quality alloys in what isĀ  after all a relatively minor business for them.

The Apollo alloys look pretty chic in ads and appear to be at par with the best available ones viz. Aura. But do any manufacturers go for Apollo alloys as OE? Maruti (DZire ZDi, Swift Zxi)and Mahindra are fitted with Aura alloys as OE. I am not well aware of other marques.

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Well I think appollo are new in alloy buisness and it would take time to offer it as OE fitment but I think manufactors do not add fancy alloys to OE fitment but they prefer more bolder looking ones which I think suit to many like the swift ,Dzire ,Scorpio, Safari and the Fiesta S.

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