A Childhood Dream: Indian Rallying

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For Many Months, I thought to myself, should I follow my childhood passion, should I get into Indian Motorsports?

Many question popped into my mind immidiately:

How do I start

What Car do I start with

How Expensive is it going to be?

Can I do it Full time?

Is the risk worth it?

etc etc..

My Passion for Motorsports Started way back when I was just a little boy. My father, was into big time rallying even before I was born, and his passion continued till around 1995-1996 when he decided to quit rallying. He Started off as a driver, and slowly progressed to a scrutineer, and I believe a very feared one at that! So you see, It is almost impossible for me not to put myself into his shoes, and get into the muddy, dusty world of rallying.

I wanted to start this thread as a bookmarking of my journey towards my Goal. I shall continue adding bits and pieces of the past into the mix too from time to time, but as of now, Im looking forward to one major step in my life: Jagat Nanjappa's Rally School which i would like to attend this October.

More Details soon.....Wish me luck..... smiley1.gif

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Hey Cyrus! Ditto to that thought!

I was into bikes during my college days and have won some skill to ride and rally championships. I always had that fascination of getting myself a upgrade and finding myself behind the wheels of a rally car, however due to the constraints on vitamin M, could not pursue my dream.

Kudossmiley32.gif to you to have started this thread and I hope to see updates to the path you are looking ahead!!


All the Best mate! Have a good one!! Cheers!


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Same here vitamin M is the only factor stopping me .I am a fan of sebastian loeb .My family is no experience in this stuff and they never consider it seriously always prompting they it has great risk and they don't want to make such a risky investment in me.


I hope once I start earning I will put it to build myself a good rally car and then try in Indian motorsport.

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hey cyrus, maybe i can help a bit !

An indicative list of racing schools


Racing schools in India:

>> JK Tyre & Motorsports (driving academy)

>> TVS racing school


Racing schools outside India:

>> Taki Racing School, Thailand

>> Bridgestone Academy of Racing, Canada

>> Jim Russell School of Racing, USA

>> Jim Russell School of Racing, Canada




If you are fascinated by speed and if it gives you the thrills, then here are two exciting career options for you to pick from

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goto tvs-racing. its in sriperambatur in chennai. or else' date=' find sum certified skul near to ur city


Cyrus is into car racing, not bikes.

@ cyrus

why dont you participate in the monsoon scooter rally on your dio?

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Hi all

Iam new to autocarindia family, i belongs to kerala and working with IT sector. Im an automobile fan till my childhood since my father was a driver in Govt. service, In search of becoming a rally driver, brought me into autocarindia website, i have read all the posts regarding this topic and still having confusion where to start, so friends please advice me. have a nice time ahead.

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