Booked Fiat Punto

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congrats on the owning the red beauty. i enjoyed driving my friend's punto emtion pk diesel. though i felt it was a bit underpowered, i was amazed with the road manners.


i own a indigo and indica. i am looking forward to own a linea probably next year after it has a new engine and gearbox.


as punto has long intervals of service, you can enjoy your drive.


happy driving....smiley1.gif




77 kms on odometer is quite high for a brand new car.

You should have insisted for a brand new car which was not taken out.

BornFree2010-02-06 14:08:42

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1. Carpeting the whole car and boot mat
2. Car perfume
3. Mudflap

car had 77km on the odo during delivery.
i think it is on the higher side

Congrats for your new baby, 77 Km is normal, don't worry about it and also for ASS.

Enjoy your drive and keep on giving feed back.

If you want to know, how to get best mileage then just ask.

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