Booked : Mitsubishi I for fiance in Japan

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Hi All,

            Well we have a Daihatsu move Kei car in Japan and we have had it for almost 1 year and was good in every way except for the horribly uncomfy seats and the A pillar blindspot. But since my fiance's work involves a lot of travel by car inside city..we decided to shop for a kei with more comfortable seats and features. The Daihatsu had all the usual equipment,nothing more and we had done almot 15,000 trouble free kms in it. So naturally we ended up at the Daihatsu showroom looking at their other Kei models. But all barring the external shape had ditto same interiors and seats...so kinda defeated our purpose and the prices were too high even after eco tax discounts.


Since the mitsubishi was near our house and we decided to go for something different...we ended up test driving the I and were hughely impressed with it.

First of all absolutely everything was different..Its rear engined, aluminimum spaceframe monocoque. Inside it was nowhere as roomy as the daihatsu. but space was sufficent and the seats were infinitely more comfortable and proper buckets unlike the daihatsu's bench. Also what looked value in our eyes was the feature list...keyless entry , auto headlamps, wipers,maintanence reminder,leather steering, gearknob..all the lot.. We got a good exchange deal for our move and settled for the I in red.


We are expecting the car by this month end...Will upload the pics once we get it...Happy motoring...

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