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Bought Honda Jazz in Japan+1500K update

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Hi all,

First of all, please inform me as to how to post pics in this forum...seems too complicated!


Well..brought a Honda Jazz 1.3 in passion yellow colour ( all the other colurs were so boring)..had to pay extra 10K for this paint.on top of that since the car is in demand here waited for almost 2 months...but entire experience was pleasent ( here dealers are very very nice).


Covered almost 1500kms in it...mine is the cvt automatic one and the milage is great compared to my old corolla no complaints...


Plus points:

1. the whole car in almost same indian spec cost me approx 6 lakhs including tax...

2.Refinement..completely inaudublie engine and since its CVT there are no jerks in gearchanging

3. auto neutral when idling even in D mode..but this is common in all cvts to save fuel.

4. Spacious and deceptively quick.

5. Light steering

6. Effective heater

7. Comfy front seats

8. If you are cruising gently at 80 km/h..cvt keeps the engine at 1500 rpm (so silence on the motorway)


Now on to the minuses :

1. Cvt rubberband effect when you accelerate hard...

2. No electric mirror fold ( but available in upper variants)

3. There is a thudding sound from the boot area when going over broken roads (maybe reasonance due to huge boot and no tray)

4. CVT doesnt creep enough in reverse have to step on the gas

5. Irritating reverse gear chime..(ding dong ding dong...sounds stupid)

6. Brakes not enough for the speed capable


All in all a pleasent experience..only prob is everybody inside gets real sleepy because its so quiet and comfortable.

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Congratulations on your New Jazz. Hope you have a pleasant ride through out.smiley1.gif

To post pictures upload your pics on Imageshack or Photobucket and copy the direct link in this manner

open third braces IMG close third braces, paste the direct link open third braces /IMG close third braces.

in capspaste the direct link[/img in caps]

sb-alto2010-01-28 06:11:34

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