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Bombay meri jaan

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hi guys,

           I'm Gego aka Jeroobhai from Juhu, Bombay.

I'm a pucca bombayite.

I love cars, pretty gals, smirnoff, good food and ofcourse my Bombay .

"bombay meri jaan"

I'm an orthopaedic surgeon, was born and brought up in juhu.


Fortune has shifted me to kerala/ bangalore, but i miss my bombay.

I learnt driving on my Tata Sierra, ya its my first love.Its 16 years old now, but its still a lady killer, can floor any of the beauties.smiley2.gif

 I have still retained its bombay identity by keeping its MH registration no.

I still remember those days when i was learning to drive. We used to place a bet on driving from home cross the juhu beach traffic, cutting autos left, right and center and reach centaur at Juhu church. Centaur has closed but those day....who wil forget smiley1.gif

i still drive with still the same flare, after all "dil to bacha hai ji"  from kerala to bangalore thrice a month. I don't use my sierra much nowadays. Drive my swift now.

I love writing reviews and test driving cars when im free.

I also write in

finally got to go.

                                                                           Happy driving


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Jeroobhai welcome to the forum. Hope you enjoy it. If I use the old fashioned term - welcome sawbones!

Just a word of advice, on a forum you do not put any salutations and/or sign-offs.

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