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problem raised in old models Yamaha R15 !

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The Images looks good right? yes it is, but you will be awared if you read the following stories.



Lets start discussing. I owned yamaha r15 by 2008 as a proudly 7th owner among the whole chennai city.I bought it and used only rare because i have zma-r already.R15 has clocked just 9000kms till now.The bike was fully serviced regularly, twice i changed the brake pads.

From the last one year i am having a lot of issues in my blueboy(r15).


1) Bike getting fader soone 2)Much emmision 3) Sound noise 3xtimes higher 4)Bad pickup 5) Bad front suspension day by day 6)clutch is dead 7)poor chain quality and spracket quality which doesnt suits its performance.


As like we know, the bike is just 150cc which is really not an issue.I was a bahrain gp racer, so i know to shift and handle the bikes perfectly.I use zma-r(2007) eventually along with my r15. But it dint gave me any prob except the kick start during optional. But iam fully disappointed with this r15 which is raising problem day by day. Later on now, we are getting a re-launched r15"s with new stickering and with little small mods. In this case, i got a call from the service centre last week, when i took the call a service person spoken to me"Sir please come and replace the radiator of your bike as soon as possible with free of cost, because we got a command from yamaha due to consumers complaints regarding old type r15 radiators". I laughed and cutted the call because i never had that complaint in my bike. The fun, today my  bike has given me the radiator prob likewise the serviceperson told. Totally fed-up with this.

Owners of old R15s. Alert, and bring your issues as soon as possible.


-always the racer wins atlast-
dineshzma1162010-12-09 15:39:57

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The Problem of your R15 seems to be with its Engine's Critical components like Piston Rings & Clutch Plates, etc & might be due to Faulty Radiator these parts have gone Crap earlier than expected.

What's the Engine Oil status of your R15, like Its Level, Colour, etc !!


Best advice is to exploit its Warranty, if it's still left.. 

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Not exactly. the radiator didnt give any probs till now. It was taken revenge only after i heard this matter throughout the service station. They are having the ownership database at the service station, so they know about when will a radiator problem will come to the respective bike(s). Clever fellows.

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