Got My Tata Nano -700 kms update

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Got my Nano on 22nd November...no waitng nothing...paid the cash and once the loan was approved was delivered the next day.


Inital impressions...its very spacious and really cute and is perfect for the maniac traffic in bangalore...all in all adequately powered and just the right size..perfect onwnership...alls well........not so


On the day of delivery, speedometer was disconnected (took delivery and went straight to service centre) to get it fixed.


On driving back at night, the headlight high beam was not working...went to tata the next day and they replaced the whole combination switch!!!!!


came back home and found wiper was not wroking after replacing!!! and no windshield washer fluid...again off to tata and guys promptly replaced the fuse..!!!


Well..who said making a good car is only half the job...tata really needs to buckle up their PDI...but in all fairness the service centre guys are really cooperative and quick to fix any bugs...touch wood no problems from then on..and its running fine..


Mileage in bangalore crush hour traffic is 17km/litre..will improve after first service,,,all in all a good and cute car..


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