Comparison between my Mitsubishi i and Tata Nano

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Well, members in the know might remember that I have a Mitubishi I in Japan (in fact we still have..my wife is using it there) . I was very much intrested in the rear engined concept of the mitsubishi and it was a pleasure to drive and space was good.


In fact i brought the same concept in India..in our very own Tata Nano. I know its not fair..but comparisons become inevitable...! Like Durango dude said heres a no pulled punches comparison.


1. Design  & Engineering.

The I simply eclipses the Nano. Its built on an aluminium spaceframe and uses plastics extensively. The fit and finish, the paint quality and the attention to detail makes the nano feel perhistoric. It has to be considering it is more than twice the price. Small details like the projector headlamps, the large 15 inch wheels all gel well. But somehow I find the nano to be way cuter than the slightly serious I.Maybe its because I am Indian and patronise things in our homeland but the way people smile at the Nano..i think I am not alone in that sentiment. Strangely for all its high techness, the Nano feels more solid than the i which is incredible considering it weighs almost 200 kg less. Maybe TATA has beefed up the car to take on the worst of our roads. There is a kind of ruggged simplicity and honesty here thats missing in the i.


Conclusion; I more high tech, better built...nano built for india.


Interiors ;

The Is feature list simply eclipses the nanos...u name it it has it..power steerin, one tuch windows, auto fold mirros, credit card sized keyless entry(like the micra), leather steering, gear knob, climate control, dvd navigation..the list goes on and on..In the nano u get ...well....well....power windows..central locking,ac!!! and thats about it. But alls not lost for the nano..I find the dashboard and the a pillar trim to be of superior quality in the nano and the space is simply incredible..it easily eclipses the I. The I front seats are more comfortable( the nano is ok enough) and the rear..its hands down win for the tata. On the subject of boot space, the I has a proper opening hatch and there is enough space comparable to the alto. The nano has a paltry boot made worse by the fact that u cannot access it from the outside.


A point to note is that the trunks of both cars tend to get quite hot because the engine is located there and the heat seeps thorugh the insulation. Best not to keep your choclates and other melting stuff in the boot. On the flip side..when we use to go for long drives in the I our lunch boxes were kept warm by the engine:). But unlike in the Nano, the heat doesnt seep into the passenger area in the I.


2nd part of review later !!!! 

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