Interior done up in my Nano

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Most of you know that I have a nano lx model. The interiors even in the deluxe model are drab and since i am very finicky about fit and finish, didnot go in for seat covers as yet.


All that has changed now and I have got my seats stitched in black PU ( from Karlssons Bangalore). It was their first nano ( who else would be crazy to spend money like me!) . You have to leave your car with them for 2 days as it is hand stitched and not some prefabricated cover. The owner Sajith Unni is a no nonsense and professional guy and he has done a really good job on it.


Will post pics soon.


As for the steering, I again got in fully hand stitched in leather from Devraj in JC road Bangalore. Had to research a lot to find these guys who offered the perfect finish and the results are well worth it.


Next step is the stereo and like many guys said, Tata is foolish to think that we cannot add accesories...it has to be accounted for in the design stage. We like good stereo and horns and a car going up in flames on adding these is somehow undigestable...!

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Thanks for the concern durango dude..


i am now in india so no problem. My wife and kid is there and thay are safe from this. But still the ground is shaking there and there is tsunami alert. Hope everything will be fine.

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Sorry, initially I couldn't post the pictures properly.

Hope this time I did it correctly.


Yes!, that's fire extinguisher, Just in case!

Costs Rs 250/- at a local mall.


Rear seats with raised and extended thigh support. Really comfortable.


Rear parcel shelf with Sony X-plod speakers.



You can see pathetic stock speaker at either corners of dashboard.

I have installed a tiny tweeter above each stock speakers by parallel connection. Costs Rs 90/- per pair. Sounds good for nano.


CD player with AUX and USB connector but without Bluetooth, made by Nippon India. Costs around Rs 7,500/- from Tata showroom.

One with Bluetooth facility cost around Rs 10,000/-.



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Some more pictures of my nano's interior.


Seat covers are made using good quality rexin (art leather?) (they call it "symphony").

Cost me Rs 3,500/-.

They are not prefabricated ones but stitched to order.

Cumbersome to maintain because of its light colour.




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Of course! as you wish. Here we go!



These were taken on my way to Ranipuram, a trekking destination in north kerala, in kasaragod district.

Next pictures were taken at shiradi ghat section, on my way back from bengaluru to mangaluru.






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Nice pics.

I have seen today very nice shining silver alloys installed in Nano with thick tires and they were looking great.

The way you have done-up interior if you install spolier and smart set of alloys and body graphics your Nano will look great.

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I will definitely go for alloys within next two months. But i think finding nice three bolted alloys could be difficult in my locality. But I have seen a yellow nano with usual alloys (with four holes) in mangalore. So far i never went shopping for alloys, so i don't know much about nano's alloys.

But in the mean time let me post few picture taken at Shiradi Ghat.







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Nano without niggles? No way!

My nano is now 1 year old.

When it was 500km at odo the music system conked.

It took them 1 month to bring it back to life.

At 1500km, the speed sensor started acting strange.

Sometimes i could not go beyond 40km/hr.

The ECU will cut fuel supply to the engine and you will get jerky drive beyond 40km/hr

and I had to embarrassingly crawl in the highway.

But whenever the A$$ guys check it with their laptop, everything seemed alright.

Car was working fine whenever the A$$ guys are around.

Thus began my regular visit to TASS.

The gate keeper at TASS always had a fishy, sympathetic look on his face whenever he sees my nano.

Finally the jerking became the permanent feature and they replaced the speed sensor under warranty.

It took them 1 week to procure the part after giving order.

Then at about 2000km, the left side power window stopped moving.

They said winding motor gone for a toss.

Replaced under warranty, again it took 2 weeks to get the parts.

At 2500km, the intermittent windshield wiping stopped working.

Defective switch assembly at the steering column replaced under warranty after 2 weeks.

Then I had trouble free, happy life with nano till 6800km at odo.

Then the horror of horrors happened.

The accelerator cable snapped while i was driving on a highway.

I stranded in the middle of the road, blocking the traffic!!

But fortunately I was able to pull over by idling in 1st gear.

I called local TASS

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It's very impressive to have Tata guys (24 hrs helpline) within 45 mins on remote location on highway.

How can we trust on this vehicle if we gift it to our loved ones,

daughter / son / wife for personal use. How they will be able to cope

with problems in conditions faced by Carbon and how we can confirm safety as the problems as mentioned are itself in vehicle which is a serious danger to passenger's safety without their fault ????? smiley6.gif

The main problems are seems to mainly with faulty / cheap / substandard parts (Sensors, Switches, power window, music system, accelerator cable etc...).  Though these types of problems are faced in other vehicles also but may be not in a one year old brand new vehicle. Low price of Nano should not be made as an excuse to the problems of Nano.

If someone conducts survey of problems faced in Nano within one year actual assesment of common problems can be surfaced .

I think mechanicals are OK. Any problems in steering, suspension or in wheel bearing , engine etc.....?????

From experience as mentioned by actual user, it's better to have M800 or

Alto or Santro or by far if you love Tata product Tata Indica eV2 than

to buy Tata Nano or a nice 2nd Hand vehicle within budget of Nano.

Best of luck Carbon for your Tata Nano. Keep upgrading exterior and interior to spice-up cute Nano. smiley20.gif

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@Durango Dude and @tejasmehta990 thank you very much for your appreciation and concern.

In spite of all the initial niggles, somehow, I feel that nothing serious is

going to happen to my nano in the near future. I have driven Maruti Alto and

Hyndai Santro extensively, but driving nano is more fun and more comfortable.

Now, coming back to my nano

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The stock music player (Nippon Audiotronix Ltd, Noida) has 4 channel output.

Produces about 10 watts RMS per channel.


This OEM accessory music system came with only front speakers

Which are 4

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Carbon I must say that this is the best nano interior I have seen in my life leaving alone project cars. You should try the damping thing which bring noise level down, but I really dont know that is it available for Nano or not.

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Thanks! Gizarte, that's the best compliment i ever received for my car.

Not even my family members bothered to comment on the interior!.

Recently I have upgraded my car's headlamps.

The stock headlights are rated at 60/55W,

which are ok for driving in the city at night

but not adequate for highways.

And the stock high beam is aligned too low for my

liking when the low beam is aligned properly.

So my local

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@carbon: I think you can make a list of essential modifications the Nano will require in order to make it better. I think you can add sound deadening provided Tata has made space for the same. It will be more around the floor pan and wheel wells and extra amount around the rear end where the engine is situated and also add heat insulation so the engine heat doesn't warm the back seats and make a/c ineffective on long drives. Have the rear seat passengers given you any feed back on that?

Durango Dude2011-03-23 01:56:36

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I think the top of the end Nano LX should have left hand side ORVM as standard fitment because its difficult to drive without the Left hand side ORVM. Plus the ORVMs in Nano LX, should be internally adjustable.

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@Durango Dude: when I drove the nano for the first time, the first

thing that startled me was the engine noise. But when the AC is on

with all the windows rolled up, there

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