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Hi friends ,1st Audi R8 Supercharged in India. Pictures are coming in Autocar with all the details. Power output from 410bhp to 540 bhp ,0-100 kph with 91 octane await for further results , Can it beat V10 R8? = YES,   Done by VF Engineering ,Indian lad settled in USA rep by PETES of Cochin,

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It sounds like a good place to busy and too tired (material to be cut out of the engine to increase the transition, and relieves the block) V8, rear-wheel drive with AWD transaxle leave stuff. In addition, the V8 is lighter than the V10.

A Supercharged 4.5 V8 making over 500 horsepower, with transmission less mechanical strength and weight in a car that is a few hundred pounds lighter than metal alternatives is ... It looks a bit like a screamer.

And for lovers of BMW ... M3 will never be a mid-engine balance. Although more powerful, it behaves like a mid-engined car in terms of traction and handling.

And nowhere on earth that looks as good as any R8. BMW is not the style of the game for some time, and do not compete with the R8, the successor of M1.

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