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it depends on which variant is is the on look and inside condition, and most importantly do you really need a 2 seater car at this price?

Why cant you go for another 50K + alto K10 brand new?

Once you have answer of these questions then decide on this old A-star

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In another 2 months or so, the car would be entering it's 3rd year. Spending 2.5L on such

a car is not recommended. Spend a bit more and get a new car, which comes with a product

warranty which will give you peaceful and happy ownership for 1/2/3 year(s). Moreover,

this car will be difficult to sell later as you may not find any takers as it is not a successful model.

(for example, Swift sells well in the second hand market than a SX4).

For the pleasure of owning and driving a car, nothing like a new car. You may always depend

on it. However good a car may be maintained, it frequently calls for repairs/replacements.

These small issues irritates and spoils the pleasure of owning a car. If this is going to be

your second or a third car, then it is OK. By now, you must have got used to taking the car

to garages and spending some time/money/effort on such repairs/replacements.

Think about this and then decide.

And, let us know your decision.

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