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Ordeal with my Duke 200!!

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To Whomsoever It May Concern,

I am writing you this letter after speaking to the Managing director of Jai Bajaj, Chennai. Without receiving any response from the General Manager, I am reluctantly re-iterating myself to you,

hoping someone actually pays attention to a customer's grievances even after purchasing the bike.

My ordeal began a month ago when my KTM Duke 200 started giving troubles. The bike's dynamo stopped working and battery stopped recharging. All of a sudden the ECU would shut down.clutch shutters often

The Service Manager treated me very well and replaced the parts under warranty and gave the bike. But once again, the bike stalls and refuses to start after a usage of just about 80 kms after the service.

After speaking the the Service Manager and Managing director of the showroom, I am totally disappointed with the way they repair/service the bike.

They say that they would replace the parts again and give the bike back to me within a weeks time.

What is the point of buying a motorcycle is it's going to be stuck in the Service station for atleast a week in a month?

I feel that the KTM showroom in Chennai is just spoiling the brand's name by not providing quality service.

I request you to look into this issue and do the needful.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Vinay Deva


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I understand your ordeal very well. But, I would suggest you to take this up with Autocar India magazine (this is the forum). There is a section dedicated to serivce greviances and I'm hopeful that your problem will be taken up there too.

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