Safest bikes in India? Maybe they're up in the high end

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We want the safest cars from any brand, in any segment. But what would you consider to be the safest bikes in India? Not just ABS, but also good grip on the roads, best ride quality, smooth throttle response, tight brakes and adequate comfort (and maybe more). I'm guessing only high-end bikes, in segments above 200cc, tick the boxes.

Maybe the Yamaha Fazer is a safe bike, but it doesn't have ABS, and the Yamaha salesman told me that you don't need ABS in bikes- his criticism of the TVS Apache RTR 180. The Pulsar is stereotyped as an unsafe bike, because of its tendency to get involved in accidents (although it's a mystery how many accidents are influenced by MTV Stunt Mania, a borderline commercial for Pulsar), and Bajaj itself is stereotyped as accident prone, and for lack of refinement. The Avenger, though, I expect it to be a lot safer. But if safety is a primary point for buying a bike, even when you have the full gear but still refuse to take a chance, which one would you recommend?

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Bajaj is unsafe because its too front heavy, you can't control it in panic situation, similar is the case with Avenger.

Any bike should be considered safe when it reacts to panic situation in a positive manner, so a Apache ABS with soft tyres(may br Pirelli) should be considered the Safest yet cheapest bike in India.

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