Spy pics: Hyundai ix25 Compact SUV EDIT: Its the Creta

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Guys, Here are tentative prices of the upcoming Creta

Thanks to Twitter user @yaminiakshaya for sharing it on Autocar’s Twitter handle

  • Hyundai Creta 1.6 S Petrol: Rs 8.08 lakh
  • Hyundai Creta 1.6 SX+ Petrol: Rs 9.45 lakh
  • Hyundai Creta 1.6 SX Diesel: Rs 9.74 lakh
  • Hyundai Creta 1.6 SX (O): Rs 11.41 lakh
  • Hyundai Creta 1.6 Diesel automatic SX+: Rs 11.41 lakh


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There are many price sheets floating on the net right now and each seem to differ with prices.

Wonder if it's a ploy by Hyundai to gauge people's response before declaring out final prices on 21-Jul.

If above prices are correct then they are certainly a bit premium.

If one puts another lac then they can get fully loaded XUV as well. Though Creta's trump card is Diesel AT but XUV soon shall be offering the same.

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Great scoop cars4life. I feel Hyundai have gone over-board with the pricing, never the less they are going to find hordes of consumers at these prices too, that is if the pricing is to be believed. What they have done through selective leaks is gathered that consumers have liked the product & so they have put on a premium tag to cash in on the demand.

While competition in the form of Maruti Scross, doesnt have the looks to take the fight to the Creta & nor an Auto option.

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Creta has been launched with below "Introductory prices"

Petrol 1.6 -

L - 8.59 L

S - 9.57 L

SX+ - 11.19 L

Diesel 1.4 -

L - 9.46 L

S - 10.42 L

S+ - 11.45 L

Diesel 1.6 -

SX - 11.59 L

SX+ - 12.68 L

SX (O) - 13.6 L

SX+ (Automatic) - 13.57 L

Prices seems to be a bit on the high side.

I think Maruti, Ford, Renault and even Mahindra shall be a bit relieved by seeing these prices.

Now Maruti can take their time and price S-Cross quite competitively.

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These prices are crazy and nutty.

We were shouting Q3 - Q3 all along.

The manufactures actually seem to have thought it to be one and thus gave these prices.

What baffles me is , these are INTRODUCTORY PRICES its actual prices might just put Q3 prices to shame.

Too much air in Hyundai managements head , the indian masses have an uncanny habit to deflate many a bombs, hoping this does not become an example.

I am shifting my Goal Post as of now.

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These are real disappointing pricing...for a car like this, I think Hyundai needs to think first that they need to take EcoSport head on...and for that they must correct price by 1 L for petrol and 1.5L for Diesel

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I think Hyundai have got a bit too carried away and greedy with the success of Elite i20 and Grand i10.

Although it's worth noting their other products (Verna, Santa Fe etc) are rather doing average to poor business.

First with i20, after seeing the prices of Jazz they took the first opportunity to remove some features from i20.

And now this pricing of Creta.

They feel that now since people have accepted them in premium segment why not start looting them.

Even if we compare to Duster which was it's nearest competitor, the prices are way too high (without even taking into account the discounts on offer on Duster).

And I have heard they have made insurance to be taken from them as mandatory (which is 50% higher than market quote).

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The South American market Creta just went on sale recently. It features a slightly altered front end and other minor styling tweaks.

Do you think Hyundai should bring this to India?








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This is the refreshed Creta that has gone on sale in some international markets. Hyundai is likely to bring this model to India sometime next year. 



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This is the Creta Sport sold in South-American markets... It gets a host of styling tweaks including a redesigned front grille, new skid plate, new rear spoiler, 17-inch alloy wheels and gloss-black exterior finish. The interior is all-black too.

No news of whether this will come here to India, but I definitely think they should bring it here! What about you?

Images source























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