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  2. Honda revealed the SUV e:Concept, which previews the next-gen HR-V, at the 2020 Beijing Motor Show. Outside it does feature some traditional Honda cues. Inside, it gets a minimalistic interior with a large display screen horizontally placed behind the steering wheel, similar to the Honda e electric hatchback. There's also a large vertically oriented screeno that is located in a high-set center console. Honda has not revealed many details about this concept, but says the production version will feature an electric powertrain as well as petrol and hybrid options. You can head here for more info:
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  4. Ford has launched a new seven-seat SUV in China, called the 'Equator'. Up front, it sports small headlights that have incorporated LED daytime running lights, secondary driving lights above the front air intakes, and a front skid plate. The rear sports LED taillights with a light bar connecting them, twin tailpipes, faux diffuser, and what looks like a split tailgate It will be sold with a 221hp, 2.0-litre EcoBoost four-cylinder petrol engine. While this is meant for the Chinese market, it could very well make it to other markets (case in point being the Ford Territory, which is now a global model). What do you think of it? Source
  5. The five most important accessories that one can buy are :- Good pair of car mats to keep your car clean Air Freshner, to give the car that inviting fragrance. Dash Camera, whether you want to keep your safe in case of car accidents or keep an account of your driver’s whereabouts, putting the best fleet dash cam solution is always a good idea. Seat Covers, a must have accessory in this part of the world. Upsizing your tyres, the ones provided by the OEM are most of the time puny in size and are recommended for getting a higher average.
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  7. Are the buttons/switches for all 4 sides power windows as well as the mirror adjustment on the driver side of the Kia Sonet come with backlit illumination just like the steering mounted controls?
  8. Its vvery loveable to see these vintage cars at one place. I am also a very big fan of these cars and many car dealer near my location are manufacturing vintage cars in bhopal and selling it in a very good rates. I will also wanna see this museum soon.
  9. I forgot to mention 1.5 ltrs of concentrate coolant was added
  10. Hi, I have a Toyota etios liva G (Petrol) car and took it today to a local workshop for first time instead of Toyota service center for replacement of coolant as I noticed the coolant reservoir tank was empty and this workshop was very close to my home. The mechanic there mentioned that he didn't had the right key to open the nut to drain the coolant from bottom so instead disconnected the flexible rubber pipe attached near radiator cap to drain the old coolant. ( pink in color). I had taken distilled water along with me as I had read online that you shouldn't use tap water to flush the old coolant. He then added the distilled water and started the engine, revved it for some time and then drained that too. After this, he added the new coolant by company "Wurth" which mentioned "concentrate red" directly to the radiator cap and then kept on idling the engine and revving it in between and topping it again when the level would go down. On the back of the bottle it was mentioned to add 1:2 parts of water to this concentrate and I told him the same. He mentioned that they add the coolant like this only and the engine already contains water ( not sure what that means - novice here in automobile stuff). He filled the coolant reservoir tank too with the concentrate coolant till full mark without diluting it with water, I then objected to it and asked him to remove some of it and add water to the reservoir tank which he did ( around half cup of water) Is this the correct procedure to replace coolant in the Toyota car? is it safe to drive the car in this condition? I'm not sure hence asking automobile experts and seeking guidance. I haven't driven the car much after this as the workshop is very close to my home. Please advise. Thanks a lot in advance G.S
  11. Here are some new spyshots of the new Tata Tiago NRG that showcase the rear end and a bit of the front end of the new car. The car in the images is still under a fair amount of camouflage especially on the lower section. Though we can tell that the styling will be similar to the previous Tiago, with its black body cladding. Are you guys looking forward to the introduction of the new Tata Tiago NRG?
  12. Toyota has launched the Urban Cruiser at Rs 8.40 lakh. Available in a total of six versions – three variants and two powertrain options – the Urban Cruiser is priced quite competitive compared to Maruti’s sub-four-metre SUV. Toyota has confirmed that deliveries will begin in mid-October. You can head here for more info: Image source: DSD Cars and Ashutosh Yadav - Rathera
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  14. Hi guys, I am facing a problem after 2nd service. Getting some grinding noise when the vehicle is in 1.5k to 2k rpm.. and also getting whining sound when i press the pedal lil bit hard. what would be the problem?
  15. The facelifted Toyota Vios, also called the Yaris, has a neater and more stylish new front face. The new fog lamp design also cleverly inserts the front bumper into the bottom. Apart from that, everything else about the appearance of Vios remains unchanged. In terms of safety, all variants are equipped with SRS airbags, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brake Distribution + Brake Assist, Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and Hill-Start Assist Control.
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  17. Hi Autocar team, How are you ? I have Fiat Linea 1.4 fire (i.e. it's not turbo charged) car 2017 model. As per car manual only unleaded petrol with minimum octane (RON) value 91 should be used. Given this can i use Xtra premium petrol from Indian Oil, is this petrol considered unleaded ? I am confused because i have read somewhere that in Xtra premium petrol they add some additives so i am not sure if it is still considered "unleaded". I am also not sure about octane value of Indian Oil's normal petrol vs Xtrpremium petrol (BS 4 petrol). I will appreciate if you can comment on above,
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  20. Hi All, I am looking forward to buying an AMT with a budget around 7 lakh in Pune. I have taken test drive for Ignis, Santro, Tiago, Nios and celerio. Out of these I am interested in Santro(Sportz AMT), Nios(Magna Corporate AMT~ overbudget :(.. ) and tiago xza. Any suggestions which car would be a better choice. Also should I wait until December expecting good discounts?
  21. MG has released a video showing the Gloster SUV's off-road capabilities. Take a look.
  22. Car collector Yohan Poonawalla recently snapped up this fabulous 1933 Rolls Royce Phantom II which has quite a history. This Barker & Co bodied Rolls was originally made for multiple land speed record holder, Sir Malcolm Campbell who took delivery of this ‘short’ wheelbase Phantom II, around a month after he set the Land Speed Record in 1933. Top speed of this sportier, touring saloon version of the Phantom II was 150kph which must have felt like a crawl for Campbell after the 437kph record he set in his Blue Bird he had just set. It’s no coincidence the Blue Bird was powered by a massive Rolls Royce aero engine. Campbell and Rolls Royce had a long association and the legendary record holder, called his Phantom II “the best Rolls Royce yet produced” Now, that’s some provenance this light blue car has. Beautiful isnt it?
  23. Image source Kia has announced prices for the Sonet compact SUV with prices ranging from Rs 6.71 to 11.99 lakh for the fully-loaded model. Interestingly though they haven’t yet revealed prices for the fully-loaded petrol and diesel automatic models – we should expect those to come soon though. Full pricing details can be found here >> For now, prices seem to be quite competitive though with no fully-loaded petrol and diesel auto out yet and these being introductory prices, I can't help but feel that the model could get quite pricy especially for the higher variants. However it begs the question, was it smart to list a fully-loaded GTX+ automatic in the brochure and then not reveal prices for it at the time of the launch? Also I wonder how this will affect bookings for the model? What do you people think? Decently priced or pricey?
  24. Can the latest 2020 edition Thar be considered a family car/SUV. My biggest concern is it's a just a 2 door vehicle with some amazing specs however with 2nd row accessible only by flipping the front row seats which family members especially ladies will find it inconvenient in traditio
  25. Ford is gearing up to launch the Endeavour Sport, which will be a new blacked-out variant of the SUV, on September 22. Received these images from a dealer stockyard which give a detailed look at the new variant. The Endeavour Sport will feature a number of black accents on the exterior. For starters, all the chrome and silver accents from the standard Endeavour – like on the front and rear skid plate, grille surround, ORVM, fender vents and side-step – will be changed to gloss black. Additionally, it will also feature a new black honeycomb grille, a new ‘Sport’ badge on the tailgate and decal on the side, as well as black alloy wheels. You can head here for more info: Photo credit: NK
  26. Hello, according to your description, I recommend Honda HR-V. The price of this 5-seater SUV is 297 IDR to 415.7 million IDR. You can try this car as your budget is sufficient. And it meets your expectations of the journey. Advantages: Sports appearance with LED headlights, good front lighting system. Luxurious interior and high quality The safety facilities received a five-star rating from the Aseancap driving safety test. Applied Honda's leading safety technology, motion adaptive EPS + VSA advanced control system. Just for recommendation, hope it helps you!😀
  27. Is the Bond's hypercar safe enough?

    An absolute symbol of power and honour, the 2021 Aston Martin Valkyrie requires no introduction. The exceptional Valkyrie is Aston Martin's first-ever hypercar and there are just 150 of them made available for the buyers. The car is designed with the conspicuous aerodynamic exterior with an all-carbon-fibre body frame toned for extreme performance.

    There has never been an Aston Martin so august and eminent as the Valkyrie. Powered by a mighty 6.5 Litre V-12 engine, the car is an integration of Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing, thereby, making it vehement for extreme dynamics that can arguably be seen ever with any other hypercar.

    The 2021 Aston Martin Valkyrie Coupe will be available in a single Base trim configuration. The car is iconically created with extensive craft and precision. Stipulated with not even a single steel component in the structure, the Valkyrie is an all-carbon-fibre body which when integrated with the naturally-aspirated V-12, results in a 1:1 power-to-weight ratio, thus, resulting in an exceptionally lightweight hypercar that constitutes further, its safety even at extreme speeds. 

    The 2021 Aston Martin Valkyrie is not everyone's cup of tea and with just 150 of the Valkyries ever made, this notion becomes more rigid. The car is not crash-tested by the NHTSA or the IIHS, so no one can vouch for its complete safety. However, with a plethora of standard safety features integrated with the car, the hefty price-tag and  the all-carbon-fiber material used within its construction, it is quite evident that the Valkyrie meets all the safety standard and can be considered as a safe car.


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  29. Hyundai has finally revealed the fourth-gen Tucson! For the first time ever, it gets a long-wheelbase version + a choice of petrol, diesel and hybrid powertrains. It’s safe to say that on the outside, the 2021 Tucson looks nothing like its predecessor. Inside, it adopts a minimalist approach, and ditches most physical controls for touch panels. Standing out on the wraparound dashboard are a 10.25-inch digital driver display, a 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system and the functions for the automatic climate control system are accessed via a touch panel mounted below the screen. You can head here for more info: Source
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