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  2. The facelift for the new Toyota Fortuner was revealed for the Thailand market yesterday. The model has received new styling up front, revised taillights, new wheels and a updated infotainment system. These updates will make to the Indian model as well sometime in 2021. I have added some additional images of the facelifted car for a closer look. What do you guys think of the facelift, has Toyota done enough? IMAGE SOURCE
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  4. The facelifted Fortuner also gets a top-spec ‘Legender’ variant with a sportier persona. It packs in a split grille, a different front bumper that houses sequential LED turn indicators, dual LED projector headlights with a unique pattern for the LED DRLs, a gloss black finish replacing the chrome up front, 20-inch alloy wheels, dual-tone paint schemes and more gloss-black elements incorporated into the rear bumper and boot lid. The Legender variant also packs in a larger 9.0-inch touchscreen, and in addition to 7 airbags and the usual suite of safety features, also gets 'Toyota Safety Sense', which adds a collision prevention system, lane departure warning and radar-guided dynamic cruise control.
  5. The facelifted Toyota Fortuner has finally been revealed in Thailand... this is the first major update for the SUV since its debut in 2015. It now gets a revised front-end and its 2.8-litre diesel now puts out 204hp and 500Nm. As for the interior, not much has changed in terms of design from the pre-facelift model, but one major difference is the inclusion of a larger, 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system that comes with Apple CarPlay compatibility. India launch is expected some time in 2021. You can head here for more info:
  6. VET5

    Honda WR-V facelift

    Looks like Honda is gearing up to launch the WR-V facelift soon. Came across this walkaround of the compact SUV at a dealership. Unlike the pre-facelift model that was available in two petrol and three diesel variants, the 2020 WR-V is expected to have just two trims for each engine option. On the outgoing WR-V, there used to be S, V and VX trims. On the updated model, there are just the SV and VX. You can head here for more info:
  7. Last week
  8. i just came across some images of the new of the 2020 Toyota Hilux facelift which will bring with it updated design especially up front and round the rear. In these images you can see the redesigned grille and front bumpers. Under the hood, the company is expected to tweak the current petrol and diesel engines, and provide the option of two- and four-wheel drive. What do you guys think of the Toyota Hilux facelift? Read more here -
  9. Hyundai's finally revealed the new Santa Fe! It now gets updated styling, hybrid powertrain options and an all-new platform in a bid to enhance the model’s premium appeal. You can head here for more info:
  10. Tata Motors had unveiled the BS6 compliant Winger at the 2020 Auto Expo and is now gearing up to launch the LCV. The Winger gets updated styling with plit headlamps and a new grille. However, the seating capacity remains the same. In addition to the styling the new Winger is upgraded with additional features such as 15-inch radial tyre size in all variants, FDSS (Fire detection and suppression system) fitment in all school variants, ABS and VTS (vehicle tracking system), among others. While the technical specifications for the Winger BS VI variants are not revealed, it is expected that the engine will continue to have similar engine figures (BS IV) – 2.2-litre DICOR, 73.5Kw (99hp) @ 4000rpm; 190Nm torque @ 1250-3500rpm; and a 60-litre fuel tank capacity. Source
  11. Dear Sir/Madam, We bought a Mercedes Benz E-Class (LWB) in April 2019 and received delivery on 10th April 2019. Within 6 months, the wheel alignment is completely gone because of which one of the tyres is completely unusable. The service station (Shaman Auto, Mumbai) told us, it was due to the potholes, they just replaced the front tyres with the rear ones, changed the wheel alignment, put the speed capping to 100km/h and said you need to replace the tyre. As a fellow automobile engineer, i know all these cars are rigorously tested in all conditions, so such issues shouldn't arise. Which makes me wonder, is there any Quality Control failure for this particular vehicle? Or is this type of issue very specific to Mercedes Benz E-Class (LWB) and also has been observed in other LWB E-Class as well? This type of quality is not expected from Mercedes Benz. You don’t expect the car to completely lose its alignment within 6 months and then the service station rather than fixing the problem, is blaming it on potholes. Which is why we had to replace tyre with the vehicle being less than 6 months old. We've had Honda City and Skoda Octavia prior to this, as well as Alto & Baleno as second cars and this issue hasn't been observed in any of them. I would like to know what maybe the exact reason for the same, any logical explanation as to why such issue arises would be really helpful. Regards Atharv Natu
  12. Found this detailed walkaround of the Nivus for those who have been waiting to see the SUV-coupé in the flesh. Its underpinnings have plenty in common with the India-bound Taigun's, but do you think Volkswagen should consider bringing the Nivus to India?
  13. For all those of you waiting actually see the new Bronco in action... came across this video of what looks like close-to-production prototypes taking on some muddy terrain.
  14. The BMW 4 Series Coupe was supposed to make its official debut tomorrow, but these leaked photos already reveal the new-gen car! That oversized grille is bound to polarise opinion... what do you think of it? Source
  15. NB10

    New MG Hector SUV

    I came across this interesting image that shows all the variation of the Baojun 530. That includes the MG Hector, the Chevrolet Captiva and a few others. All of these essentially use the same platform, features and design, with some minor changes to differentiate the models from each other. What do you guys think of seeing all the variations together in one place?
  16. For those of you who want an up-close look at the new Toyota Harrier/Venza! First set of real life images that I've come across. You can head here for more info on the Venza: Source
  17. Earlier
  18. Well, that was quick! Someone's already created a render showing a hotter R variant of the Nivus could look like. What do you think of it? Source
  19. Volkswagen has finally taken the wraps off the Nivus, the brand's smallest SUV-coupe that will first go on sale in South American markets, before being rolled-out in Europe next year. You can head here for more info:
  20. Here is the new Mahindra Armored Light Specialist Vehicle (ALSV) which has been built for use by military and defense forces. It’s designed to be a modular type vehicle allowing for efficient maintenance and it can be upgraded or configured in the field for a wide variety of operational roles. The ALSV offers ballistic protection up to B7, STANAG Level II. It can carry four crew members and up to 400kg of cargo. The Mahindra ASLV uses a 3.2-litre, multi-fuel diesel engine which is good for 215hp/ 500Nm and comes with a 4/6 speed automatic transmission, 4X4 with front and rear differential locks, 1,000 Kgs payload capacity, self-recovery winch, and high travel all-wheel independent suspension with central type inflation system. The vehicle has a top speed of over 120kph and the 0-100kph time is 12 seconds. The ALSV's tyres can run flat for up to 50km as well. What do you guys think of it? IMAGE SOURCE
  21. New patent images of the Toyota Yaris hatchback recently surfaced online, indicating that a midlife facelift is in the works. This version of the Yaris is on sale in global markets and is based on the same platform as the Yaris/Vios on sale in ASEAN markets and in India. You can head here for more info: Found these renders, which is based on these patent images, providing a good idea of what we can expect from the Yaris facelift: Source Also, for those of you who haven't seen the patent images yet, here you go:
  22. The Chevrolet Grove is based on the Baojun 510 SUV which has been spotted testing in India before. The MG Hector on offer in India uses the Baojun 530 as its base, hence the Baojun 510is a slightly smaller package and is more in line with the size of the Hyundai Creta and Kia Seltos. The Chevrolet Groove is expected to rival the Hyundai Creta in international markets. The Groove will have all the features available in the Baojun on offer and hence should make a good case for itself in terms of value for money. Would you guys like to see a version of the Chevrolet Groove/ Baojun 510 come to India?
  23. Along with the Venza, Toyota also recently revealed the Sienna MPV. It sports a bolder design with a massive front grille, angled headlights, aggressive rear fender details and for the first time ever - 20-inch wheels! It also gets more tech features, a standard hybrid powertrain and an optional all-wheel-drive system.
  24. The hatchback version of the fifth-gen City will be offered in multiple international markets, including China, Brazil and potentially other South American markets. A few months back, the patent designs of the City hatchback surfaced online, which showed the design to be quite similar to the sedan’s till the C-pillar, beyond which it gets a well incorporated rear hatch. The rear also features wide horizontally placed tail-lights, shorter overhang and a more rounded appearance (due to the hatchback form factor), all of which look well proportioned. You can head here for more info: Check out these renders showing what it could look like: Source
  25. A big congratulations to Madhepura Electric Loco Team With all the specs it has underneath it, it's one of the powerful locomotive , but it does lack the design, with due respect design could have been more aerodynamic and in current avtar it looks more like and old school.
  26. As Of Monday, May 18, 2020, India has become on of six countries that produces high horsepower locomotives indigenously. This happened with the introduction of the Electric Locomotive dubbed WAG12 (number- 60027), which produces 12,000hp (compared to the current locomotives that produce around 6,000hp) and is the first high horsepower locomotive that can operate on a broad gauge track. Additionally the locomotive can also operate on regular rail tracks as well as special tracks present in dedicated Freight Corridors. The Electric locomotive has been built under the Make in India project and has been produced by Madhepura Electric Loco Factory situated in Bihar. The same facility will produce 800 such locomotives over an 11 year span. These locomotives are also designed to do speeds of up to 120kph though it has been tested up to 132kph. What do you guys think of the new most powerful Electric locomotive manufactured in India?
  27. If you wanna know more about these points click here :- 1) Stay away from Grey Market bikes:- 2) Service History:- 3) Registration transfer:- 4) Tires:- 5) Accessories:-
  28. Toyota-Astra Motor has donated five units of this modified Innova to the Indonesian Red Cross and Ministry of Health to aid their COVID-19 relief efforts. The MPV has been modified into an ambulance that features life-saving medical equipment. There's also an LED spotlight that has been attached behind the tailgate to make sure rescue efforts can be carried out in the dark. Pretty cool, eh?
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