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  2. All new 2017 Tata Nexon Launched @ 5.85 Lakhs

    The Nexon facelift has been spied in Ladakh Source
  3. Bajaj has just brought back the Chetak name after a 14-year break. The Chetak is an electric scooter that has a 4kW electric motor and the scooter will sport an IP67-rated lithium-ion battery pack. Other technical details are yet to be revealed. The electric scooter will, however, have two riding modes - Eco and Sport which provide a claimed range of 95km and 85km respectively. What do you guys think of the new electric Bajaj Chetak? You can read more about the electric scooter here -
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  5. Here are the first images of a new Toyota Willander SUV for the Chinese market. The SUV is based on the RAV-4 SUV but it has been majorly re-designed with new front and rear bumpers, new headlights, new taillights, new front grille among other changes. The SUV in these images is a Hybrid variant. What do you guys think of the Toyota Wildlander SUV? IMAGE SOURCE
  6. Honda city facelift

    A new set of spy pics of the next-gen Honda City have surfaced online. These new images show off the rear three-quarters and front three-quarters of one of the test mules. The cars in these images are sporting some level of camouflage. What do you guys think of the next-gen Honda City? IMAGE SOURCE
  7. Last week
  8. Mahindra recently launched a new Bolero Power Plus Special Edition priced at Rs 9.08 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi), which means it costs about Rs 22,000 more than the top-spec Bolero Power Plus ZLX. To the exterior, Mahindra has added new Special Edition decals, front and rear scuff plates, fog lamps, a rear spoiler with a stop light and new alloy wheels. The cabin of the limited-edition Bolero Power Plus gets new special Edition seat and steering wheel covers and carpet mats. Found this walkaround giving a closer look at it:
  9. Maruti Suzuki S-Presso spied testing

    I have just come across a video of a dual-tone Maruti Suzuki S-Presso, which appears to be a dealer level addition. This particular model is finished in black and orange dual-tone and sports the alloy wheel accessory. What do you guys think of the dual-tone S-Presso?
  10. Next-gen Hyundai Creta / Hyundai ix25

    Finally... a proper detailed look at the new ix25! What do you think of its design? Source
  11. As the Internet of Things catapults to new heights, Google is developing a full range of internal and external temperature controller, monitoring everything from blood sugar to blood chemistry. The list of once multi-million-dollar medical machines now being dematerialized, demonetized, democratized, and delocalized—that is, made into portable and even wearable sensors—could fill a textbook. Sensor Proliferation Sensors will not only transform healthcare and diagnostics. Any electronic device that measures a physical, quantitative value—light, acceleration, temperature, etc.—then sends that information to other devices on a network qualifies as a high accuracy temperature sensor. Sensors add intelligence to our appliances. But more importantly, they add hours to our lives. Consider that in less than a decade, when you run out of coffee, your kitchen cabinet will detect a shortage (cross-referencing monitor temperature probe data with your coffee-drinking habits) and order more. A blockchain-enabled smart contract will subsequently place an order, triggering an Amazon drone delivery directly to your doorstep. And of course, your very own Butler-bot might soon transport these freshly-ground beans from delivery box to cabinet, sparing you the trouble. If advances in computing power, AI, and networks represent the center mass of the digital revolution, then today’s sensor uprising is the outer edge of that revolt. Comprising the first part of tomorrow’s smart environment information-processing pipeline, new energy vehicles sensors are the data-gathering apparatus that provide our computers with the information they need to act.
  12. The Royal Enfield Bullet of the yore was a machine that appealed to only a certain type of bikers. These were men and women who actually rode long distances and into the sunset. For them the ride was more important than the destination and didn’t mind getting their hands greasy if something went wrong with the bike. These bikers were as wild as one could get while choosing the route but never the ones to break traffic rules. These bikers were not posers, unlike the ones who rode puny but peppy street bikes racing through the city streets with no regards for traffic rules. These bikers rode their Bullets with pride and the Bullet, then, really separated the Men and Women from the Boys and Girls. It was a quirky machine. You had to master the art of “bring it to life”. The de-compression lever besides the clutch was not just a piece of metal attached to a cable to lose the engine compression. It was an instrument to bring the piston to the correct position before you could kick-start the engine. The pedal for the rear brake was set for the left foot and gear lever to the right. Just above the gear shifter was small pedal to get the gearbox to neutral and you had to know just how hard or gently to foot-tap it to neutral. Then there was a rubber breather pipe that ran from the crank case to the small sprocket of final chain drive and made a low, smooth whistling sound. The old Bullet had many flaws but once you had ridden one all day, all night, long on the highway, seen passers-by smile at you when you thumped it to life, you fell in love with the bike. And of course this old bike had an exhaust that thumped in a way that the new one just can’t match. And that brings us to the new Royal Enfield Bullet/Classic bikes. These are more reliable, have much better quality, are easier to start (courtesy the electric starter), and, have the gear and rear brake pedals placed as is the norm on all other bikes. Today the Bullet/Classic enjoys a wider spectrum of customers. So far, so good. But then, the new ones have lost the quirkiness the Bullet/Classic brand deserved. It has become so normal in its appeal that it is also being bought by guys who are basically street racers and not true bikers. And unfortunately, are riding the new Bullets and Classics in the same way they rode their puny street bikes. Fitting louder exhaust end pipes, zipping rashly thru the traffic and jumping red lights. This has made some true blue Bullet enthusiasts walk away. I don’t want to be seen on Bullet/Classic standing at traffic lights next a street racer kind of guy also on a Bullet/Classic, who is constantly wringing the throttle, playing with the clutch lever and looking around to spot the traffic cops, so he can jump the red light. It’s good to have new technology but it’s not necessary to lose some quirks that are essential to keep the identity of such an iconic bike intact. I wish one day the Bullet/Classic is offered with gear shifter, neutral finder and brake pedals placed like those on the old one, have an amp meter and decompression lever even if electric starter is offered as an option. It need not offer blistering performance from naught to 100kph but the ability to eat an inter-state highway for breakfast.
  13. need suggestion for new car purchase

    I am planning to get Honda City petrol for my self, i am little confused whether should i wait for the new 2020 model or should i go in for the existing one ?
  14. Mahindra XUV 300 AMT W6

    I guess that is good, especially in the crowded streets. Regards, Sere Smith
  15. Found these renders showing what the next-gen Mitsubishi Outlander could look like. A test mule of the SUV was recently spied for the first time and the spy pics indicate that will likely borrow a lot of elements from the Engelberg Tourer concept. Source
  16. All new 2017 Tata Nexon Launched @ 5.85 Lakhs

    Came across a walkaround video of the new special-edition Nexon Kraz+:
  17. Honda city facelift

    The next-gen City's engine details have just been revealed. Engine options that will be offered globally include a new 1.0-litre turbo petrol engine. This engine will churn out around 120hp and will feature a turbo charger from Borg Warner. Gearbox choices would include a 6-speed manual as well as a CVT. This motor will be primarily aimed at the Thailand domestic market. The second engine option on the new City will be a 1.5-litre petrol mill coupled with Honda's new compact i-MMD mild-hybrid tech. Honda will offer this engine with a CVT gearbox and a 6-speed manual is also a possibility. The third engine option will be he 1.5-litre diesel powerplant that is available on the current-gen City and other Honda models in India. You can head here for more info:
  18. Maruti Suzuki S-Presso spied testing

    The base trim of the S-Presso (Priced at Rs 3.69 lakh) misses out on some essentials... At Rs 4.05 lakh, the LXi trim gets air conditioner, power steering and sun visors. Found this walkaround giving a closer look at this trim:
  19. Next-gen Hyundai Creta / Hyundai ix25

    Rather interesting seeing the new ix25 side-by-side with the Seltos. Which one do you prefer?
  20. Next-gen Hyundai Creta / Hyundai ix25

    I have come across some new images of the Hyundai ix25 (next-gen Creta), which has started reaching showrooms abroad. This time its has been spotted in white and the images show off the exterior and interiors of the SUV. You can read more about the SUV here - IMAGE SOURCE
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  22. Spy shots: Hyundai Elantra facelift

    Came across this walkaround of the facelifted Elantra for India, for all those that want to take an up-close look at all the changes:
  23. Maruti Suzuki S-Presso spied testing

    I have just come across images of a Maruti S-Presso wearing a variety of accessories including alloy wheels and faux metallic inserts in the body cladding. What do you guys think of the S-Presso with these accessories? You can read more about the S-Presso's accessories here -
  24. about the price of Yamaha MT15 from Indonesia is quite affordable. whether in India the price is also affordable, and what about the model if many like it?
  25. Honda city facelift

    Here is a rendering of the next-gen Honda City that has recently surfaced online. The new City has been redesigned to follow the brand's current design language. What do you guys think of this rendering? IMAGE SOURCE
  26. Maruti Suzuki S-Presso spied testing

    Now that Maruti has launched the S-Presso, it's interesting to see just how much it has changed compared to the Future S concept. Compiled a few images for comparison:
  27. Tata Tiago

    Tata has just launched the 2019 Tiago Wizz special edition which has been priced from Rs 5.40 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). The Wizz special edition is based mid-spec XZ variant but is priced Rs10,000 higher than said variant. What do you guys think of the 2019 Tata Tiago Wizz? You can read more about it here:
  28. Car Tyre for Maruti Baleno

    Apollo Alnac 4G is my recommendation. After looking up several brands and reviews, I bought a pair of Alnac 4G tyres for my 2016 Baleno’s front wheels. There was an immediate increase in ride quality and pulling power due to the superior grip offered by these tyres. Now I have the Apollo Alnac 4G on all four wheels of my car and I can say, it is the best tyre purchase I have ever made. The unique 4G pattern developed by Apollo Tyres is not only grippier but also disperses water more effectively than competing tread patterns. My friend’s MS Swift with same engine configuration has new Bridgestones and there is a marked difference in handling of our cars.
  29. Toyota is readying an all-new sub-four-metre SUV that will be revealed soon. It's expected to be a replacement to the popular Rush that is sold in multiple markets abroad and will be a production version of the Daihatsu DN-Trec concept. Autocar India has put up a story saying it will be powered by a 1.0-litre three cylinder petrol engine and will come with two and four-wheel drive options as well. Came across this render showing what it could look like: Source
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