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  2. Best Breakdown Service Experience

    You all narrated the incidents but not what went wrong with your car and what was the root cause of the breakdown, you didn’t mention. Breakdown can be from coolant starvation or blown fuse etc be prepared and carry with you few spares, water, 1/2 litre of engine oil, to top up. Do regular service of your car and most important know your car.

    Great article but bikes are unsafe to drive on roads
  4. Someone scratched my car’s left side panels including boot cover as shown in the picture. That is 5 panels, total cost of repairs would amount to 20,000₹. I wouldn’t spend above money for none of my fault. So thought why wouldn’t I try touching up my car after watching plenty of YouTube videos, if anything goes bad then I can give the car to a workshop. I had heard about the com-paints long time before so went through their Facebook page, they would provide Scratch solution(touch up paint spray can, varnish can, fast setting filler tube, wax tube, scraper, two sand paper pads) in a decent box. It costed me 685₹, without courier charges. Though the reviews weren’t so good. They make you select the touch up paint by year of make of your car, colour of shades available during the year of purchase etc. Well! Watch few videos com-paints sponsored videos but real deal is how well and how long you shake the paint-can so that metallic lustre and paint mixes( needless to say clean the area, cover other panels with news paper, closed space etc) as soon as filler is applied to the scratches it begans to dry fast, scrape the excess filler with the scraper(side with smooth edge facing the car panel) then you need to wait 2~3 minutes then start sanding the area, with filler in place, with super- fine sand paper with water till the face sanded gets smooth like rest of the panel. Clean the sanded panels with water and wipe them clean. Shake the can nicely atleast for 5 minutes, spray the paint on the panel from a distance 1 to 1.5 feet away with sweeping action. Two to three sweeps are sufficient then spray varnish two sweeps. The varnish will keep the metallic lustre in place and shine. Varnish is very important part of the procedure. Paint and varnish cans are just sufficient for approximately 4 square foot area, so it’s less. You can see the attached pictures before and after.
  5. Volkswagen recently released a teaser of its upcoming Polo-based compact SUV, to be called the 'Nivus'. The video shows that crossover will have a sporty, coupé-like, sloping roofline and a unique front-end design to differentiate it from the Polo and the T-Cross. At the back, the Nivus gets LED tail-lights that extend into the tailgate. Volkswagen is set to launch the Nivus in the Brazilian market by mid-2020. There's currently no news on its India launch. Came across this render showing what it could look like: Source

    Here are our 7 main reasons: 1. Keep fit Our first reason for having an electric bike is obvious. Cycling, whether traditional or electric, is a great way to get in shape and tone your muscles. You do not just work your legs, you also strengthen your body, your shoulders and your glutes, just to name a few. All this without impacting your joints. In addition, electric bikes are an ideal way to work your cardio because you can select different levels of assistance, allowing you to build your own pace. Do you feel short of breath? Increase the assistance until you stabilize your breathing. 2.Roll longer and faster Gone are the days when traveling 75 km seemed impossible. This task will never be intimidating again. A fully charged battery on the electric bike will allow you to travel 80 to 100 kilometers. And of course, the distance is doubled by integrating a second battery, we are talking about 200 kilometers of bike rides! Redefine your limits with the electric bike. Besides, why not do it at a good speed too? Riding around at 10km / h is fun for a while, but who does not like to feel the wind in the hair? With an electric bicycle you can easily gain speed up to 32km / h with the help of the engine. There is nothing like going beyond traditional cyclists without effort! 3. Use on several occasions There is a wide variety of electric bikes: cargo, folding, mountain, urban .. Stopping to buy supplies on the way home from work, or picking up children at school, could become much easier with an electric bike - cargo electric bikes allow you to carry larger loads effortlessly ! Other bicycles, such as urban electric bikes , will not only reduce commuting time between home and work, but also make long trips and several day trips. Another amazing option that exists in the power-assisted bike industry is the foldable, ideal for city life where storage is limited, or just when you travel train / bus ... - it also easily fits into the trunk of a car! 4. Avoid traffic Tired of wasting time in a traffic jam while going to work? Today, most cities have integrated bike paths into their existing and future roads. On your bike, you get access to these bike lanes that cars and motorcycles can not reach. An electric bike also gives you a moderately higher speed advantage than a regular bike, which means you'll get to work faster! You avoid traffic jams and eliminate hills and headwinds, making the electric bike the most reliable and fastest way to get there! 5. Save money Cars can be expensive, when you consider the fuel, insurance, maintenance and cost of the car itself, the numbers may seem quite high. Yes, the electric bike also needs maintenance from time to time, but the price difference is important. In addition, electric bikes do not require a license or insurance, as well as parking and associated costs! So think about the savings you can make by switching to an electric bike for most, if not all, of your transportation. 6. Help the environment How much carbon dioxide is emitted by your car during the daily commute to work? On the other hand, e-bikes are carbon-free, use very little electricity to charge the battery and you only need a good old elbow grease to get you from point A to point B. You will be much more delighted with that. once you stop using your car (or bus) to get around on your electric bike! 7. It's funny ! Most important of all, getting around by electric bike is just fun! You will find yourself smiling all the time while traveling by bike. Being outdoors, relieving stress, saving money and being more efficient in your travels are all good reasons to smile! if you want more just look here: Ebike rental
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  8. I came across some images of the Suzuki Swift modified and finished in a yellow and black. The model in question also sports a front splitter and larger aftermarket wheels. what do you guys think of this Swift? IMAGE SOURCE
  9. Skoda has revealed the Rapid facelift for European markets! It's design language has now been brought in line with that of the Scala. It now gets new headlights, grille and bumper, while higher variants get LED headlamps as standard. At the rear, however, the new Rapid gets major changes, with new-look tail-lamps and a slightly altered boot lid and rear bumper Of course, for those who don't know, Skoda builds two versions of the Rapid sedan, the one India is based on the smaller PQ25 platform while the one sold in Europe and Russia is based on the larger PQ35 platform and is positioned in a higher segment than the India-spec car. Source 1 Source 2
  10. Tata Altroz - NEW spy pics

    Now that we've finally seen the Altroz in the flesh, it's rather interesting to see how much it has changed from concept to production form.
  11. I also don't like the exterior of the nextgen Creta, specially the rear tail lamp design. Somehow it looks like a person walking with his trousers few inches down
  12. Thanks Sachin ! The way Hyundai have designed the Creta the Kia already has an upperhand. Customers will only be attracted by Pano sunroof of the Creta. Rest its Game Over already. Lets wait & watch !
  13. vitara to india?

  14. vitara to india?

    Suzuki decided to exit China last year, transfer all equity in Chongqing Changan Suzuki Automobile to Changan. However, Suzuki has continued licensing of production and sales of Suzuki models to Changan Suzuki. These new leaked patent images show a new SUV that the Chinese carmaker is preparing for launch, and it can clearly be seen that its essentially a re-badged Vitara, with some cosmetic changes. Source
  15. The BMW 3 series has been leading the pack in the sub 50 lakhs category for a while since its launch. But now with the launch of the all new Jaguar XE with its subtle changes on the exteriors and with its new interiors that are just as brilliant as its competitors I’d like to ask this question yet again - “Does the Jag have what it takes to rule the segment?”. I didn’t want to bring the Mercedes C class as the car is just not sporty enough for my liking. I feel the driving dynamics offered by the Jaguar and the BMW in this segment is far better than the mercs ( for someone who loves driving the car). So what are your thoughts regarding this? Or is there any other car that is worthy for the title? PS : How does the service networks and its service plans compare against each other?
  16. Best Breakdown Service Experience

    hello, I have never had any breakdowns, But my friend has! How you manage your breakdown? And She had a brand new volkswagen car. Do I need to tell her to complaint to its service provider?
  17. Tesla Cybertruck

    I just came across a video of the Tesla Cybertruck, all-electric pick-up truck driving down what appears to be a freeway in LA. The Cybertruck has generated a lot of buzz around itself as it is Tesla's first pick-up truck and it is a major departure from the brand's current design language. What do you guys think of the Tesla Cybertruck? You can read more about it here -
  18. Hyundai Venue - Transmission Overheating (DCT) AMT

    I am going to lodge a complaint regarding DCT in consumer court. Do u want to join? 9873424183
  19. Tata Altroz - NEW spy pics

    The Tata Altroz configurator is now live and from it, I have been able to get renders of what the base spec Altroz XE variant will look like. I have added images of both the exteriors and interiors of the premium hatchback below. What do you guys think of the Tata Altroz XE? IMAGE SOURCE
  20. I want to buy a bike under 1.5lakhs there are so many options which one should I go with? I'm 5.8 and I plan to use it daily in the city. Recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks
  21. Another great review Karan !! Kia has shown to all that if you offer what customer wants (looks, features, engine+gearbox options, reasonable price) then your product will sell, even in damp market conditions. Will be interesting to see tussle between Seltos and nextgen Creta.
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  23. 1st service got done at Shreenath Kia; The service included a General check up & also the under body inspection was done. In addition the AC, Air Filter cleaning was also done. The infotainment(software) was also updated. Was in & out within 2 hours including the wash & the interior vacuuming.
  24. Likes; - Looks (Exteriors + Interiors) - Engine Performance & Gearbox - Handling & Steering (Sport Mode really weighs up the steering well & is excellent for this segment) - Feature Packed (Its loaded, especially in this all options ticked GTX+ trim) Dislikes; - No Paddle Shifters (A Big miss for this Engine / Gearbox combo and should have been offered at-least in this GTX+ trim) - Ride Quality at low speeds is not that great. - Good Year Assurance Tyres (The size 215/60 R17 is Ok but the compound already feels hard & this selection makes the car understeer in some situations & also puts down the ride & handling capabilities / potential of the Seltos) - The GTX+ variant misses out on the Dual Tone Exterior Colour Option Video; ^ This is a driver focussed review of the 2019 Kia Seltos with the 1.4 Turbo Petrol in the GTX+ trim with the DCT gearbox. There is a talk on the much discussed Dual Clutch Transmission; There is a discussion on Engine Performance, Torque & responsiveness of this engine at various RPM range; Finally talk about the interior & seen here pointing out the irregularities of the screen + cluster integration which should have been seamless; Booking Experience; - I booked the car on day 1 when the official bookings started i.e. 16th July 2019. I had booked the top model in Automatic. - Around early August (about 3 weeks before the launch when the variant break up was released) i confirmed the dealership a GTX DCT variant with the Dual Tone option. (White with Black Roof spec). Was eagerly looking to have the car delivered on the day of the launch.However Kia India wasn't dispatching the GTX DCT variants and also the dual tone option production was uncertain. The waiting went into the month of September and people who had booked the car (like me) on day 1 looked like fools not getting their cars - In the meanwhile Kia announced the GTX+ DCT variant (IMO the late announcement was all a part of the plan which Kia India sweet coated as saying GTX+ DCT was launched due to customer demand which they listened to, however if you closely observe the ads they showcase the model has a sunroof & DCT too, hence it was always a part of the plan well before the announcement) listened to customer demand and i had the option of upgrading my booking around mid September. I was mentally prepared to wait for a few more days anyways coz wanted to get the car now during the festive season of Narvratri or Dussehra (which was an even more preferred date in the family). Upon following up with the dealership & some Kia India officials i was updated that my car will be from the initial 1st lot. Around 21st September i got to know that my car is in production & by late September the car was dispatched from the factory. I was not too keen on the GTX+ variant & would have gladly accepted a GTX Dual tone on day 1 of the launch (or atleast in August) however this was probably a blessing in disguise as i got to upgrade to a GTX+ DCT variant. - Finally took delivery on 8th Oct. 2019 on the auspicious day of Dussehra. Dealership Experience; I booked the car at Kia Rathod Autolink (Vapi, Gujarat) on the 1st day when official bookings started. They were very transparent in communicating every update throughout the deal. Things like Vehicle Handling Charges, Basic Accessories Kit etc. weren't unnecessarily charged. Though i had the option of selecting my own insurance provider (where i got quotes of approx INR 52k, i still went with the official Kia insurance provider which was approx INR 64k as thats what i usually do for the 1st year. Standard Warranty is of 3 years. I opted for the 2 year extended warranty which cost me aprox INR 23k now making the total warranty of 5 years. The dealership was kind enough to give me OE Kia floor mats on FOC basis. Overall Dealership Experience, Positivity & Vibe was a full 10/10. Few Pictures from the Delivery Day; Other Miscellaneous Observations; - The Kia Seltos uses the modified K2 Platform from the Hyundai Kia family & by now everyone is aware this same platform will be used for the upcoming New Generation Hyundai Creta. - My Ecosport is a good handler & this is as good (may be better). However the Ecosport feels heavier & better built (Note my Ecosport is the 2014 1.5 Petrol with the DCT). - The Seltos does understeer & i blame the tyres. - The Paintjob, Glacier White Pearl (in my car) is excellent. The pearls can be observed clearly during day as well as night time. - The bonnet is really well sculpted from the both sides, giving a very muscular stance to the Seltos. - The indicator stalks are really premium to operate. - Rain Sensing wipers modes are visible & selectable through the cluster screen. - The TCU seems to be learning the driving style to adapt the clutch control in different driving environments/situations. - Acceleration in the DCT during the initial launch is slightly slower, but it does make up with faster in gear shift times. - BOSE System is an 8 speaker unit. Most of the people reported mixed reviews. Well i was one of them who initially did not really fancy this system. But with a few quick adjustments in the equaliser settings you can get it sounding better. Also the real test of the system is observed after 50% of the volume range and then you can finally touch the BOSE magic and you'l genuinely appreciate this system in a car of this segment. Im enjoying the music system and no complaints at all - The camera quality of the parking assistance as well as the blind spot monitors is Excellent. - Kia claims it has used a thicker Windshield for front wind noise reduction. In addition to that the overall refinement is also excellent thanks to damping material used in the Dash (Pu + Resin), Optimisation of design to reduce panel vibrations & also the driveshaft uses increased damping to achieve linearity in acceleration noise. - My favourite part of the interior design is this FLAT BOTTOMED steering wheel which is of exceptional quality, feels great to hold and use. Haptically perfect. - Horn sound tone is Excellent (Note: Its a Dual Tone setup) Kia India interestingly claim its 3 dB louder than competition. - HUD: I keep it tuned down in city limits. I do have to adjust my seat position as per the HUD screen which is not a good thing. Im aware about the HUD adjustments in the infotainment but still do have to go low down & then you lose the entire SUV upright seating. Hence that's just left for the highway while driving hard its a great visual to have without taking your eyes off the road. - Also as many people are already aware the HUD screen pops up with the press of a button, so if in case you forgot to put the screen down & are already outside the car, with the remote press the lock button it will automatically go down, just the way mirrors fold in by themselves. - The Sunroof is of decent size, hope people dont try coming out of it & say its too small. - The Sound Mood Lights can be changed from a variety of selection, however the dashboard ambient lighting remains red. - The interiors are very well lit at night and a nice place to be in, However the Power Window switches (only 1 switch gets illumination) & the mirror controls buttons are not having illumination is a slight disappointment. - Drive Selector Modes (Sand/Mud/Snow) on the Seltos remind you that the car can go OFF ROAD, but then you CANT because the Seltos is Front Wheel Drive. Best to keep your Seltos safe than to get carried away with those modes. - The keyless entry button is only on the driver side, im used to having it on both the sides in my Fortuner. - The Key Fobs (2 Provided) are of extremely good quality & feel very premium. Conclusion; So to conclude things i'd want to say that with the wide price bracket & various variants on offer there's a Seltos out there for everyone shopping in the 10-20 L price bracket. With the amount of bookings the Seltos has garnered, Kia India has proved that Car Sales are no longer dominated by any particular country or brand but by technology, features & futurism. P.S. - Shall keep on updating this ownership thread on a regular basis with pictures, FE Data, Road Trips & Other Experiences. Thanks for your attention
  25. Husqvarna has previewed two new models for India at India Bike Week 2019 - the Svartpilen 250 and the Vitpilen 250. The Vitpilen is the café-racer styled version, while the Svartpilen is the scrambler and just like the larger iterations of the bikes, these two are also based on their KTM counterparts. You can head here for more info: Svartpilen 250 Vitpilen 250
  26. Tata Altroz - NEW spy pics

    I think the biggest mistake Tata have made again is not offering AT at the start. Market has decidedly moved towards AT and here's Tata not offering AT in Altroz and Harrier. There is no point in offering the same at a later date as customer would have made their mind about the product by then.
  27. Tata Altroz - NEW spy pics

    A proper detailed look at the Altroz's interior... these pics really show off the ambient lighting feature as well. What do you think of the Altroz from what you've seen of it so far?
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