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    Whats your Budget - INR 6 TO 7.5 lac Kms driven monthly - 600-700kms Bodyshell - Hatch City/Highway split - both equal Max No.of Passangers - 5 most of the time -2 Boot space Importance - ______ Medium Usage by - __________________normal Passenger cmfort/space: Prime importance Ownership - Mumbai City Safety - Medium Prime requirement - Looks>Passenger Comfort>Ride>Handling> Hi Guys. This is my first post on this forum. I am planning to buy a premium hatchback within a budget of 6 to 7.5 lac (Flexible as I havent decided on diesel or petrol). I have read almost all reviews on these cars and pretty know the merits and demeits of both. The space (or the lack of it) on the swift was a big downer. My height is 5 ft 11 in. I found it difficult to sit on the steering seat.It looked cramped. Hardly any leg space. I would have gone for i20 blindly but these two things are holding me. 1. The underpowered petrol engine. Have read in almost all reviews that the engine is underpowered. My question is, is it so underpowered that it should prevent me from buying it? I am 30 but havent driven around a lot over the years as we have an Innova and usually my dad drives it. This car is a pleasure to drive. I do reach maximum speeds of 130-140 kph. Dont ever recall going above these speeds. But I do like speeing up on highways. Should I consider going for a diesel? the salesperson said that If i dont used diesel car on a regular basis the maintainence cost rises. Is it true? And also How much mileage would I get in petrol version? 2. The ride quality. Most of the reviews said that it really gets bumpy at high speeds and feel like we are riding a boat. It is that bad? Please help.
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    Hatch to SUV....A big step...

    Hello, I have been driving a i10 for the last 3 1/2 yrs and had a hatch before that for 3 yrs as well. Now I guess its time for me to take the leap, move to a SUV and this time not selling the current hatch for small errands and city use. Apart from driving a Innova a few hundred kms on several trips, I have no experience of driving a hatch and so when i decided to buy one for our small family I though it was best to ask the experts for advise. My budget is in the range of 22-25L and I am looking for something with good interiors, a decent list of gadgets and features. I wont be off roading, so I am not looking for a monster, but good/large interiors would be of help. I wont be loading 7 people always when we travel, but a good 3rd row will help for extra space and stuff to carry. I would like to buy in around Mar/April '13 on one of the festive ocassions. No other stringent requirements, so please help me decide what options should i start looking at, cos the list of available SUVs in the market is just confusing the hell out of me. I am keen to hear from one and all..and if you also went through a shortlisting & decision cycle to shortlist your SUV, then please share that, so it may b just help me align my thoughts as well. I appreciate the help ..all fellow car enthusiasts and experts. Ash