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    Hello Experts, I've been scratching my head for last one month for an entry level Sedan. Budget: 6-7 lacs Petrol Variant Options that i'm considering are: 1. Swift Dzire 2012 VXI: 6 lacs 2. Toyota Etios G-SP: 6.5 lacs (with deals/offers) 3. Nissan Sunny XL.: 7 lacs (with deals/offers) In terms of drive, i loved Swift Dzire. But it feels just like Swidt and doesn't feel like a Sedan. Dissapointing leg room space in rear seats and boot space. In terms of space, i loved Etios. But it has very basic interiors and not that great exteriors. However, from the review i've read, it's a Toyota engine and can be trusted. Nissan sunny has the balance of everything. Space is more that required. Good interiors, nice exteriors (at least i like the way it looks ). Driving was okay apart from not-smooth gear shifts and humming engine at high speed. BIG concern with Nissan is whether Nissan can be trusted for after sales. Also, i've heard that the body in this car is too light. Kindly suggest and let me know if i'm missing something IMP. Also are there more cars in same bracket that i should consider.
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    New ACI'er

    A shout out to all ACI Forum members! I'm Gautam from Mumbai and i've been a car freak ever since I can remember. Honestly, all my friends and family members think I should've gotten into the automobile industry in some form or another instead of cushy staid IT. We've owned a lot of cars over the years as my dad also loved driving a lot I've recently sold my 5 yr old Tata Indigo CS @ 87k kms and purchased a used 2007 Honda Civic AT on CNG as my daily driver in and around Mumbai. To me the Civic AT on CNG gives the best of both worlds, economy and comfort as well as finally owning a car i've longed for a loooong time. The other car used by the family and by me for small errands is a Wagon R which has been with us for ~6yrs. Since both cars are out of warranty, i'm now scouting out mechanics who can keep everything ship shape without charging a bomb. I've been a member and moderately active on other forums, but hope to contribute more here as i've been a subscriber of ACI for the last decade and love the mag and its yearly shows - ACI Performance Show and the Speed Runs. Cheers!
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    Special License

    Hello all, The Autocar Forum is growing by leaps and bounds since it started. I've always said that the forum is as good as the quality of its members and you are responsible for what we are today, so as a token of gratitude, I have created a special category for forum members who have provided us with brilliant posts and helped out many members with their problems. These select few members will now have a 'Special License' tag to their profile. They will have access to seperate section of the forum called 'Special License Holders Discussion Board' where they can exclusively have discussions. They will also be able to upload images and files directly to the forum and not via imageshack. The members who have been awarded the Special License are: durango_dude, anjan_c2007, 5u3zEr0 and speed. Cheers, FRGBornFree2012-05-22 09:57:53