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    Honda CRV or Suzuki Grand Vitara?

    If this was a buying decision (for someone with loads of money to spend), which of these would be recommended? Both are expensive CBU petrol SUVs (unless the Grand Vitara is actually made in India), making them almost completely irrelevant here in the price-conscious, mileage-conscious market. I feel the Suzuki Grand Vitara has a slight edge being a more capable off-roader than the show-off CRV, which has had some sales because of the Honda brand. Honda has a few more safety features (anti-theft alarm, traction control). Two vehicles that make no sense here in our country today, but if the money was there to spend, which one would it be?
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    I am buying a new car. I have done survey with respect to my requirement and shortlisted three cars, these are, Volkswagen Polo, Hyundai i20 and Honda Jazz. I am totally confused with these three options. I need safety features so going for top end variant and monthly run will be 500-600 km, so going for petrol. Please give your feedback/suggestion to finalise my selection.
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    Ferrari 458 Challenge in India

    It was a fun filled last weekend @ BIC testing the Challenge car.
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    that is a DC modded car. it was featured in some bollywodd film as well. SRK was driving it.