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    Hello Guys, I just bought a Nano CX - BS4 in addition to the Zen and Eeco which i already have. I bought it just for the fuel efficiency touted. My first tank full to tank full test shows 20kmpl. With mixed city and highway driving of equal proportions. Always driven only with Ac on. I will be doing a detailed feedback/review of the car shortly. As of now my main question is : On the front windshield theres a sticker mentioning a running in period which says for the first 1000kms or so to keep within these speed limits..... "Gear 1 - max 10 kmph. Gear 2 - max 25 kmph, Gear 3 - max 40 kmph and Gear 4 - max 60 kmph". I have kept within these limits for the last 300kms of driving. Now i need to take this car on a long drive of 1200kms total. WIll there be an issue if i drive it on the highway at slightly 60+ ? Like say about 65-70kmph max ? Will even this slight deviation ruin the engine or its fuel efficiency in some way ? Please do let me know asap. Thank You.
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    Im not surprised that the Duster won the big prize. It was actually helped Renault to establish itself in the Indian market. A compact SUV with decent pricing was what the Indian buyer needed and the Duster hit the nail perfectly. Congrats to the KTM as well. The Duke is one enthusiast bike