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    New Hyundai i20 - any drawbacks?

    I am using the i20 since April 2012 (bought it a week after it was launched). Has been more than 1 year, but have found no major drawbacks in the car. The only drawback would be a "not so quick pickup" - although pretty nice for city driving. - AC cools pretty fast (I disagree with some posts in this thread about the AC performance) - Pretty spacious ( both legroom and the boot) - Very comfortable - I feel proud to own it !
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    Though I can't differentiate between many brands of speakers (Illusion , RF , Hertz, Rainbow, Boston etc SQ speaking - my ears are bad) I can say that the installation is NEAT. One point which I didn't like is the mounting od tweeter ,you could have mounted them on A pillar using fibreglass and it would have looked neat (though cannot judge about the visibility afterwards). Did you damp the spare wheel-well too? Also if you are using parcel tray then damp it using smal rubber tubes to prevent vibration. Love the feature to adjust HPF and LPF through the HU but it can be a pain to adjust it often . Also did you opt for navigation box?
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    LED strips are heavily inspired by Hyundai i20.