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    Hi Friends I hope everything is well with all of you. My father is looking to buy an new car. A family acquaintance has an E class. Model: 2010. it is an E250 Diesel (white color). (it is the new look one, one with squared lights). I am not sure about the trim. The car has done 60,000 Kms. He wanted to sell it off for 25-26 lacs, but being a family friend he can give it to us for 23-24 lacs. So what do u suggest, pass or not to pass? The car will be self driven, me or dad. No accidental damage was visible as dad said (Good condition, not Mint of course) , I havnt checked out the car myself. So should we proceed or not with more details, I am basically worried about GERMAN Maintenance. Thanks.
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    Hi everyone So, another decision. THis one needs to be made by the end of this week. The budget is 12 lacs. Car needs to be a diesel. My brother will drive it alone. No family travel. although little practicality is welcome. Both City and Highway commute. Just one question. What is the absolute best car in the segment? For people considered about waiting periods on ecosport, he had already booked the ecosport early and the car will be available in 15 days (titanium +). He likes the ecosport but he also likes the germans. haha Any help is appreciated. thanks