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    I am in a need for 6-7 seater with a budget of 12L. I have few vehicles into my mind. 1) Honda Brio MPV 2) Ford EcoSports TDI titanium 3) Suzuki Etriga VDI 4) Duster and 5) VW Taigun. Chevy Enjoy and the one from Nissan is out of contest because of look and it gives feel of a commercial vehicle, Cab. So which one of these vehicles should I go for?
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    Honda's obsession with service

    Honda is a huge brand but still it realises that customers won’t buy their products unless they offer pleasing after sales services along with their aggressive marketing strategies. It understands that every market has different set of needs and expectations for their vehicle so Honda has intelligently modified each of its models to the requirements of Indian youth; this adoption helps tap the potential clientage. Honda is a global brand which understands that customers won’t take the pain to chase a service centre all across the city so it has created a whole web consisting of huge number of service centres all across the country, and multiple centres in huge metropolis like Delhi, which alone has more 6 service centres alone. It's has the widest and deepest service network. Honda is highly committed to its work employing trained service professionals. Honda follows a policy of reasonable comfort, good after sales service which in turns also fives way to good resale value, hence winning hearts all over the country. A basic difference can be seen when you call a Honda service centre and then a Maruti service centre. Try that, and see the difference for yourself.
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    I bought VW polo 3 years back and since then I have been complaining about the driver side window getting stuck sometimes when I drive on highway. Its a very major security threat as the window gets jammed and this could happen at some critical moment. Although it used to give me a pain only when I had to give toll money and the window wont go down. Till date, the issue has not even been identified by VW noida people where they always say "Sir, it hasnt occured in front of us". I dont think this is supposed to occur when I want but very randomly. Anyways defeating this problem cam another problem that tore my trust and confidence on the car when yesterday, after reaching my home, I opened the car with ignition ON, and went to open the gate of my home and came back see that the car is locked from inside. This car doesnt have any central locking mechanism and can be locked only from inside. Another thing, I dont think there is any car in the world that would get locked from inside with ignition ON. To the agony the VW support asked me to break the window as the only solution. I told them that I am not a professional and thus might end up breaking some other parts of the gate while breaking the glass and thus would require some professional help. They clearly said no to that. I had to then call some other roadside assistance who helped me break the glass and get the car open. The problem is not only faulty parts in the car but also the risk involved. I tried talking about this to the VW care but looking at the response I got, I would like to bring this to notice of higher officials who can help me get this issue rectified. In case this is a generic issue in VW polo then they should recall the cars and get the issue fixed. Viewers of this site and VW lovers (including me), please be notified of this concern as this might happen to you as well. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CHILD IN THE CAR ASSUMING THAT THE CAR WOULD NOT GET LOCKED AUTOMATICALLY.
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    New Section - The Workshop

    Hello everyone, In light of increasing posts on queries about car problems, we've created a new section called 'The Workshop'. Here you can get all the answers to your car troubles and also general advice on upkeep and maintenance of your car. For car buying queries please use the AAA section. This move will make it easier to get the information the users might be looking for. Happy posting. FRG FuelRunGod2009-11-27 17:35:29