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    India Audi dumping ground

    Audi made india as dumping ground with more and more powerfull engines in existing models,Rather Making them More Userfriendly and Maintenece free and Less expensive to maintain.
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    Cat/Kittens for Adoption

    HI all! Starting this topic to find a new home for my Kittens. I have total of 3 cats and 7 kittens with me. We will be shifting shortly to our new home shortly and will not be able to take the cats with me due to space constraint. I do not want to give them away to an animal care home. It would be really helpful if you can hepl me find them a new home where their good care will be taken. Attaching some pictures as well.
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    I find Mahindra's attitude a little difficult to gauge. They have bought over Kinetic Motors which in turn had already purchased the entire Italjet scooter range, future models' diagrams and also some of the production lines (if I am not mistaken). The one thing that Italjet did not have was an engine. I wonder if Mahindra has access to these designs of Italjet scooters. If they do, all they need to do is work on a proper engine and put it into them and it can open an entirely new sports scooter segment. But Mahindra does not seem to be doing that. I wonder why?