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    Thanks. Little correction...this my third ford car. 1st ford fiesta(classic),2009, odometer reading 107000km,sold. 2nd ford fiesta(new) ,2011,odometer reading 44000km,Present. 3rd ford ecosport,2013,odometer reading 29km,present.
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    To me looks good from the rear and side profile. This whole cross thing can be good, if they offer a little more as you pointed out. Atleast higher ground clearance (may be higher tuned engine). Plus the price at which their current hatchbacks are selling is already touching upper limit, with limited value additions on these Cross versions, it is hard to convince Indian customers to pay that extra price. If they offer powerful engine, higher GC, and appropriate suspension, then it would definitely find some buyers. Only Plastics / Rubber claddings will not do.