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    Diptanshu Mishra

    Black out B and C pillars

    Hi Guys, I just wanted to know how to get blacked out B and C pillars. And also that where in Mumbai can it be done.
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    3D Mats & powerful Bulbs

    I suggest you check the LetsModify 3D Car Foot Mats Features 100% Protection: 3D design with professional equipment to perfectly match each vehicle application providing total protection. 100% Durable: Unique KAGU texture surface. Strong, durable and wear resistant. Scrapes snow and mud off your shoes instantly. Rigid and won’t deform over time. 100% Dirt proof: Prevents mud, snow, water, or grease from dirtying your car interior. 100% Safe: Anti skid bottom layer prevents the mat from sliding and provides the ultimate safety. 100% Environmentally Friendly: Manufactured with environmentally friendly materials that are non toxic, odorless, and sound isolating. And I think you should go for the White light which will provide better visibility on the highways than yellows. And 55w should be ideal. Hope I helped.