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    Folks who've been to Stuttgart and some other German cities may have heard of the company/concept known as Meilenwerk. This is a museum for supercars, vintage cars and classic cars, but they may even be rented out for a brief period, and I guess some sales have been made here. I've seen cars from different eras in this place, from the 1930s, the 50s, the 80s, and the present age. This place even has a couple of airplanes. It started off as a hangar, but is now a museum of cars, a few planes, and also has a library and some super-expensive cafes. I've taken loads of photos here, on my Nokia N8, and keep uploading to this set on my Flickr page.
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    Car to be parked for long durations

    Hello all My job location is changing for next 10 to 12 months and I cannot take my car (Hyundai Accent) there. There is no one to drive the car. I will be back home once a month and the car will run only then for a day or two. The car is 2011 model and recently serviced. Could you please advice how to best handle this situation? Remove battery? Any impact expected on central locking, AC, tyres and any other device? I would highly appreciate guidence on this based on your knowledge or past experience. Many thanks - Vinay