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    problems with skoda laura

    i had bought a skoda laura elegance on 26th april 2010. i stay out for about 6 to 7 months a year. however after about a year started having problems with my vehicle. first the hand brake did not operate properly. then i had problem with the high pressure disel pump and the cooling condensor which were replaced. in between had problems with the hand brake again which was again changed.after this had problems with engine and was told that the turbocharger was bad. this happened in feb 2012 which was again replaced in the vehicle in feb 2012. the vehicle had run only 14000 kms upto that time. in april 26th to be exact when i went again to the dealership the oil in the engine was only half a litre instead of almost 4.5 ltrs. now skoda says that since the vehicle came one day after the warranty had expired they will not replace the engine. in feb 2010 also the vehicle had only about half litre oil and i got the oil renewed and when the dealer checked the engine on his computer he said that all was good however within one day had problems with the turbocharger. i have since put up the case in the consumer forum and the vehicle is in the workshop since then. pls advise any further action.
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    Here are a few spy shots of another Tata Nano testing. The source says that it is a petrol so it could be possible that this has a bigger and more powerful engine. The boot and the bumpers have been camouflaged so l guess this one comes with an openable boot. What do think? Source