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    i had purchased a VW POLO GT TSI(automatic) registeration number:DL ; VIN:WVWD13604DT055434 in June 2013. In around 10 days i realised that all the glass panels on the car were getting seriously scratched and when i took it to service station in Jaipur( Tanya motors,Jaipur); i got to know that when the car was in stock the paint granules had been deposited on glass. They agreed to their mistake and replaced the passanger and front side glass panels/windows but said that the rear defogger glass which was scratched would be changed after an approval mail. I waited for around 2 months and then they finally took the car to the service station for 6 days. I found something fishy and i clicked the picture of serial number of glass and once the car was returned i was told that the glass hs been replaced but rather it was badly damaged and bore the same serial number. the person incharge Mr Nitish Gupta didnt pick up phone and the service station didnt even issue a job card.I got the copy of jobcard only after complain in local police station that the car was taken for 6 days. I contacted the customer care they forwarded my mail to the same service station and it has still been pending.Above all , my complaint have been forwrded to the same person(Mr Nitish Gupta) whom i lodged a complaint against.(COMPLAINT NUMBER:CAL38760). Such is the harrasment i have faced after purchasing a top end model of Polo. Post Edited: Posting of personal contact info. is not allowed on the Board.
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    Hach back with Automatic Diesel

    A million dollar question . An answer worth a penny - economically unviable proposition. Resting my hope on the i10 Grand to introduce something by December and then we have somthing from Tatas in store for us if news floating around is to be believed.